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70's theme suprise party

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Hey everyone, I havn't been online in a while so I thought I would tell you what i'm up to.

So this weekend I am throwing a 1970's theme 30th birthday party for my best friend Corinne. Her birthday was actually on the 27th and she was all depressed that nobody did anything for her "BIG" birthday.

Our freind Marty and I have been planning this for over a month. We have disco balls, 70's music, Lava lamps, protest signs, ti-dye everything along with shag carpet accent pieces.

I am dressing in my homemade bell bottoms and tie dyed shirt with fringe vest compleet with beaded trim. leather headband funky earings and of course peace beads.

And of course it is a compleet suprise for Corinne, she has no idea we have a friend coming in from out of town to occupy her for a few hours wheile we set everything up at her parents house. She is not expecting anything and this should be good.

I will try to post pictures it should be a riot!

Work has been nuts but at least I have had somthing to look forward to.

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That sounds like a blast!! And yes please pics!!
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The 70's was my era and i still love the music. What a fab night she's going to have
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