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Possible new job

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So, I work for a township office that is being absorbed by a county office on July 1st. Due to some complications (like my boss screwing me over) I probably won't be retained by the county office. No big deal, I'm kind of fed up with what I do here anyway. So, I turned my application & resume in to a different branch of the county (the prosecutor's office, child support division). I called to check today and they said I should know next week either my phone or mail. My guess is that if they want an interview they will call and if they aren't interested I'll get a letter. I'm really really really hoping for a call! I can't wait till next week!
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Hopefully you'll get a call.

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Best of luck!
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that they call!
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Hope they call you soon!! Good luck!!
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Good Luck
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good luck!
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Let us know when you get the interview!
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I'm still anxiously waiting!
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Hope you get it!!!
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Good luck, hope you get it!

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good luck!
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Well, after consulting my dad I called the prosecutor's office back and asked to speak with the chief of staff (whom I turned my app into). I was a little surprised when he took my call. He then took my # and gave it to the woman who was reviewing them. She called me back and said they had filled one position but still had several openings and were waiting for the commissioners' office to approve more hirings. So, she asked me to e-mail her my resume so she could stick it on the top of the stack since I'm genuinely interested. She also told me to call back next week again if I haven't heard anything and gave me her direct number. Sounds promising! I just hope something happens with this before the July 1st.

Meanwhile, I called the County Auditor (my app was forwarded to them after my boss screwed me over). Again, I was surprised when he took my call personally. He said they did have my app but due to the economy they have WAY more apps than positions. My co-worker who IS being retained is also fighting for me since there are still position open there.
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it sounds like you have some great opportunities. &
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