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Our Daily Thread Tuesday, May 22

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4:00 a.m. I am deep asleep when I feel a furry nudge on my arm. I sleepily raise my arm so one of my cats can burrow down under the blanket and snuggle at my side. I am still groggy, and I stroke the offered nose until there is a low growl. I stumble up to consciousness and turn on the bedside light, fan open the covers and see Bacardi's butt turned to me and her tail is twitching! I also realized that the blankets were moving, but the cat was not! I shreik, Mike jerks awake, and we both scramble for the safety of the floor. The blanket is now all the way down on the bed, and their are two lumps running around underneath, a small one (?) and a much bigger one.

My scream has alerted the Tag Team, and they come running, and now we have 4 kitties on top of the blanket, playing an active game of "Tag you're It" with the unknown entities underneath the blanket!

Mike "Well, are you going to lift the blanket and see what is going on under there?"

Me- "Nope, you are the MAN, you do it!"

Mike- "Why ME? (whining starting to creep into his voice) She's YOUR cat!"

Me- "Bluck...bluck..bluck" (translation- chicken noises)

Mike- "You calling me CHICKEN?"

Me- "Nope, I am calling myself a chicken!"

Finally, Mike gingerly takes the corner of the blanket in his fingers, and tells me to play "Round-up the Kitties" on the bed so we can see what Bacardi brought in to us from outside. I dump Kabota, Shredder, Kahuna and Scatter off the top of the bed, but they immediately jump back on the bed. This play is fun. By this time, Mike is muttering expletives underneath his breath, and so he just decides to flip the bedding, kitties and all. There is a tumble of kitties somersaulting all over the top of the bed anyway, so what is one more flip? There is fierce growling coming from underneath the covers, the type of growling that says "Stay away, this trophy is mine!"

I step back, Mike flips the covers, the four kitties go flying, and we see Bacardi with this HUGE shrew in her mouth. Bacardi looks at us as we steadily advance on her from each side, and then she leaps clear off the bed, and through the gaping hole in our wall, courtesy of remodelitis we have suffered of late.

I watch her fleeing back out the window with four..no make that five kitties now in hot pursuit. Our sheets are a mess, our blankets are no better and though it is a full hour before you usually call it a morning, we decide, going back to bed is not a good option! LOL

I bundle up the messy bedclothes and stuff them in the washer, and Mike heads for the shower. What a way to jump start your day!
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What a story! Well, at least it wasn't a snake...

You poor thing - you hardly had any sleep then...

My day so far was just work and some sleep - oh and I guess the news of the day is our "rooster" laid an egg!
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Anne You do realize that means it is NOT a "rooster" ! :chicken:

Hissy: What exactly is a Shrew???

So far my day is calm compared to bth of yours'. . . . . .No cat trophies and no eggs (yet)
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Yes TLK - At first I thought it was a miracle but then we figured out it's gotta be a hen. Thanks for reminding me of the :chicken: smilie!
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My heart would have stopped!My cats are indoor cats so I suppose I don't have to worry about that ever happening. I'll tell ya what though, if they ever expressed a desire to go out side I might let them. I shudder to think of what they might bring back!Probably a rooster
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OMG! Hissy, thats funny! But, what the heck is a shrew?

I didn't go to sleep until 5 am, so my mornings are usually noon. But, I didn't make it that far because Socrates and Tiger decide they wanna play "catch me if you can" across the bed, repeatedly, with me yelling "Chill the F out"! and finally realizing the only way to get them to settle is to get up and feed them. Which is the reason they started this chase in the first place. I swear, as I'm pouring food into the bowl, they look at each other as if to say "See, I told you that'd get him up to feed us".

Other than that, my short gig last week ended yesterday, so I'm looking for work again, though these guys I just worked for will have some more next week.
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Wow Hissy, that is such a great story. I could not imagine waking up to that. I would have probably fainted. :laughing2

I am leaving work at 1pm today. It is going to be 92 degrees here and I am so looking forward to getting outside!

Good luck on the job search Meowman...

Hope all is having a great day!
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A Shrew it is a tiny rodent that lives deep underground.
But it you have a crafty cat, a shrew it can be found.
The Mighty Hunter prowls at night, her green eyes they do glow.
She sniffs the ground and listens close, her eyes then spot the hole.

The rodent is intelligent, always leaves a few fake doors
But kitty's really into this, and she knows just how to score.
She sniffs real deep and crouches low, to find the freshest scent
And then she dives, her claws outstretched, she is so confident!

The shrew, it doesn't stand a chance, though its snout it does protrude.
More-so that just an average mouse, but still, it's kitty food!
The shrew also carries deep within, a small and toxic sac,
But kitty does not dare deter, she wants this tasty snack.

She has her prize carried in her mouth, she shakes the dirt out of her eyes.
And now her only true intent is to show her Humans, her tasty prize!
She carries it back to her house, her mates are watching her with dread.
And the growls that come from within her chest led her steps right to our bed!

:paranoid3: :paranoid3: :paranoid3: :paranoid3:

And if you would like to see a picture of this critter here is a link

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OMG I would have had a fit! My cats are indoors so I do not have to worry about that (thank goodness)! I did get an early wake up call by my cat this morning! I woke up to a thud so I had to investigate! Kitty was sitting on my headboard (used as a book shelf)and she was knocking them off one by one!
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well my day started out a lot less eventful than that. things are pretty much same old, same old here.

My new littermaid came in the mail today! whoo-hoo! I will be setting it up tonight, so fingers crossed.....hope it makes my lifer easier! :eye&mouth

tomorrow is humpday!

everyone have a great evening!
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Just popping in to say hi before bed. I cleaned up my old apartment tonight. Tomorrow I turn in the keys and pray for a speedy return of my deposit. Hehe. :confused2

Squirt has officially mastered his cat door into the atrium. I just love watching him enjoy himself out there. If he notices you looking at him, he meows for attention. Too cute! Joey hasn't quite worked up the nerve to venture outside yet.

A few more days of too much to do. Then I should be able to keep up with all the new and interesting looking posts. Happy Hump Day to all.
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Oh my! I would have passed out right there. I have indoor kitties too, they only bring me their play mice and my daughters Barbie clothes. LOL. I really think I would die if I found a live animal in my bed. Wow, what an exciting morning for you. :tounge2:
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