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The UTI info thread ....

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Mods Can we sticky this ??

Cat was diagnosised with Uti with stuvite crystals ... ?? Can I use a NON Rx ?? simple answer is yes and no ... .. Yes there are UTI OTC dry diets .. There are LOTS of wets that meet UTI friendly guidelines...

Same goes for a repeat UTI kitty ////

Oxalate crystals are different and often do need an RX or special diet for life

easiest to find drys
Nutro Max in adult and lite

Purina Pro plan and Purina One Urinary

Both of these have magnesium of or very near .085... under .09 is acceptable but since we have the others I would NOT go this high


look for magnesium that is under .025 preferable is .022

Somewhere I have a list of foods compiled I will ask anyone with it to list it or I will try to find it

FIRST and FOREMOST talk with YOUR VET ... They know YOUR CAT and it NEEDS better than anyone online ... Most cats need an RX to get stable
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Can you add something about the use of supplements to increase urine acidity? Are they effective? Safe?

Edit: You might also want to change the title. The questions about alternatives to urinary tract health rx foods may not be because of UTI. My girl has crystals but no infection or stones.
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Common supplements : ALWAYS ASK the VET PRIOR to using any of these

dl or l methothine .. this is found in a gel and a powder if memory serves ( I will double check ) ... this is the supplement my personal vet recommends

cranberry or other berry in powder form ( can be in a gel look for words like concentrated or powder on label ) ... NOT juice as that is high is sugar ... some have great luck others say it is a gimick ...

glucosimine and chondrotin - very easy to obtain and use in a liquid( check inactive ingrediants ), powder or capsules that you can open ... this is hard to OD but FIRST check with vet for doseing
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