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New babies and mom!!

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I recently took in a mom and 4 kittens as fosters--I've never had kitties so small!! I have a few questions about them that I hope someone can answer:

1. What breed do you think mom is? (we think Himalayan)

2. How old are the kittens? (we suspect about 4 weeks)

3. Will the 2 buff coloured kittens possibly get mom's seal point markings or are their markings set at birth?

4. Do you ever see kittens within a litter that are possibly from other moms that were taken under her wing? The reason I ask is that the orange one seems older than the others, he's bigger and more active. Also he and the brown one look nothing like mom--we have no idea who dad was as she was brought into animal control as a stray.

I tried to get a few pictures to figure out if they were boys or girls but that didn't work out too well I think the orange one is a boy and the brown one is a girl and the buff ones are one of each.

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She could be a Ragdoll mix also, rather than a Himalayan. I do not think the buff ones will develop dark points. If they are four weeks old, they would have started showing their points already. If you look closely, they appear to have subtle tabby stripes in their fur. I could be imagining something but I think I see them.

Also, they are ridiculously cute, and their momma is gorgeous!
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They are adorable! No idea what mom is but she's gorgeous. I'd say 4 weeks is pretty close. Pointed kittens are all white at birth, so I doubt the cream kittens will develop any points.

And yes, some mother cats will take on kittens that don't belong to him. Or the orange kitten could just be developing a bit quicker than the others... perhaps the litter had two or more fathers and the orange one was conceived a few days before the others.

Here is a link that might help you determine gender of the kittens: http://www.thepetcenter.com/exa/kitx1.jpg
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I want that stripe one!
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they are cute. My babies are four weeks old, these ones look to be about the same size
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Aww! They are so adorable
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