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Shadow Chasing

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My male cat, whom will be one in August has become obssessed with chasing shadows on the walls, floors, etc... A few weeks ago someone played with him using a laser pointer and the cat went nuts for it. But now I am concerned that this obsessive behavior of shadow chasing is a result of the laser. He also batted his paws at nothing in the air last night and shook his head a little as if to snap himself out of something. I don't believe the laser was directed directly into his eyes. Again, I am just really concerned that we have damaged his pysche. Will he grow out of this? Is it normal? If not what can I do to "desensitize" him, or help him? Am I over-reacting?

Thank you for any advice.
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I wouldn't worry about it. He's still a kitten and doing the normal kitten things. My Jack will chase the reflection on the wall that my watch gives off and he's one year old
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Sounds totally normal! Be glad he's still being active -- our kittens got to a few months shy of 1 years old and decided that they preferred a life of napping, napping, eating, and more napping, and promptly put on 2 lbs apiece and had to go on a diet!

Chasing anything that moves is a popular kitty game - and I think they find shadows and lasers and such especially entrancing since they don't have mass.
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When I got my second cat, Marley when she was five she chased shadows all of the time. I thought it was weird at first too! I have just about every cat toy ever made for her to play with but she prefers shadows. That's one of the things that make each one different and special. Even now when I play with the fishing pole, the kitten attacks the feathers and she chases the shadow of the feathers on the floor!
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