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For those who board your cats...

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How much do you pay?

Do you prefer to board at a kennel or a vet?

Anything else you would like to share about your experiences?
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around here a kennel is 10-15 a day .... same as small dog ////// vet is 15-20

kennel if a healthy animal , vet if there are health issues ..

all my animals have been fine in the past , but two out of four have serious health issues and I will have a friend taking care of them this trip
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Where I go, it's $19 a day for both of my cats, if they're staying in the same "cat condo." The condos are large enough, with 3 levels, so it's fine for my 2 cats.

I prefer the kennel, because it's right at this women's house, and she gives them attention all day. She lets them out of the cages at least once a day, there's a bunch of cat trees and toys, and even an enclosed outdoor patio. Namine loved that last time! The vet was too expensive, and it just didn't seem that they get the same attention like at this other place.
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There is a boarding facility adjacent to my vet's office so if I do kennel, it is there. They charge $15 per day.

But with all my cats, I hire a house sitter, who happens to work at my vets office. $15 per visit is a lot less expensive than $15 per cat (10 of them) to board. I will board only when I have a cat with medical issues that requires frequent medications or special diets.
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I've never boarded a cat, we've always just had someone come over to take care of them.. But we board cats where I work. I'm not sure on the current pricing.. Probably around $15-18/day. If I had to board Kitty, that's where I'd take her. They have three level rooms that are cleaned out three times a day if needed. We have a vet up front so if anything happens, it takes no time to get them seen to. The same person takes care of the cats most of the time, so that she always knows if someone isn't eating, drinking, using the box, etc. They have a window most of them can see out of from their rooms, and a fish tank most can see too. They get to play in the room while their rooms are being cleaned if they are friendly. I always go in before I go home and love on the kitties for awhile.

I'd say to definitely look for a place that lets you tour the area they keep the cats in. Oddly, most places around here no longer let you see their kennel areas. That makes me suspicious of the conditions back there!
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