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Daily Thread Thurs May 29th!

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Morning Morning!

Just eating some toast and drinking some coffee. Its going to be 21 and sunny today, so I am breaking out the skirts! Watch out for my bare whitey legs people

Off to the gym after work..I might go for a run in the park first since its so nice out though.

Sis and I are off to one more bridal shop on Saturday 'just in case'. I have picked my dress, but she insists that we go to another shop just to be sure.

Anyway, have a great day folks!
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It's 21 here today as well, a huge difference from yesterday

I have a bowl of pasta with bacon, chicken and sweetcorn and a little bit of very low fat mayo. I need to lose a few lb's for the wedding i'm going to in august

Think thin, think thin!
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Susan, you should start planning a wedding I am usually 125lbs, and I am am now 119lbs because of all the worrying I am not eating half as much as usual
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Susan, you should start planning a wedding
Nooooooo Been there, done that. I love Gil to pieces but i love my space, going out with my friends etc... so i'll keep things as they are He's having an awful time with his ex and the marital home right now so that alone has educated me

Eat! or you'll make yourself ill
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My eyes are sunken today, it literally looks like i have depression or something, Time to dye my hair this weekend... i have 28 strands of white hair!!!! and frick im onlyyyy almost 22!
I'm going into work now, enjoy your day everyone!
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Good morning everyone! I've been up since 4:30 a.m. since it starts getting light then and it wakes up the songbirds, crows, seagulls (the size of chickens!), and I just heard a gaggle of geese honking overhead. Who can sleep in that racket!
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Morning All!!!!!

It is going to be a gorgeous day here. The lilac's are starting to blossom and when I opened the window for the cats this morning that is all you can smell...Even the cats were sniffing the air a little more then usual.

Heading off to work shortly, have a very busy day planned with Month end stuff, purchase orders and a bunch of other odds and ends..

After work I want to go to the farmer's market they have both strawberries and watermelon on special this week.

Tonight just TV I guess.

Kitties are in fine form this morning, were tearing around the house for a while but now are window lounging.

Everyone have a great day
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