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don't get too many photos of tabby as she is a little camera shy! but here she is giving me a very strange look!

my pretty girl.

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What a gorgeous chubby cheeked little girl!! She's got a lovely colouring on her, and proper little cotton socks on her feet as well
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She is beautiful!
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Tabitha is a beautiful girl!! Her face is so puffy & precious!! Her coloring is pretty as well
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She is one beautiful girl!
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She is a very pretty girl
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Awwww, she's adorable, I love her little white paws
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Ooo wow she is very pretty! I love her markings!!!
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thanks everyone for your kind comments!

there are so many gorgeous torties on here i'm glad i could share tabby with you.
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aww what a sweetie! My Tabitha never used to like the camera either

your Tab has such sweet little white socks!
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Yes she is precious! I love her little round calico body.
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