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stupid question

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since I think I already know the answer.....

I woke up when my 3 yr old came into my room (as she does most nights) and moved my hand and felt a furry little baby next to me in bed!!!!!!! YIKES! yes Angel is now insisting that the baby be up on my bed which is NOT safe for one it is a water bed and he was right on the side (which can squish him) and for 2 we move around alot at night and 3. he moves around a TON and can fall off. I keep putting him back but it is 4:30 am and she keep bringing him up. the last time she did I figured I would hold him and see if she got upset and decided to go back in the box..... he was hungry so I finally put him back in there and she came in and I knelt down there and pet her so she couldn't bring him out of the box. she stayed in and nursed him but I am sure will move him again.

HOW do I make her keep him in there?????? thinking it isn't because she doesn't feel safe as my bed is less safe. and the box is right beside my side of the bed. a crate will NOT fit in my room at least not one big enough for both. I am lucky a cat carrier fits in there since my room is about 10x10 or 12x12 (not kidding as we took the small room and gave my 2 girls my room. LOL) so that isn't an option and the only place we can do a crate is my younger 2 daughters room which the other cats can get into or the basement which isn't heated and the other cats can go to........

I hoped once my daughter got up in my bed she wouldn't bring him up but she did and put him ON my daughters pillow..... I was going to try to drape a sheet over the box and see if that helped..... and I took the heating pad out thinking maybe she was too warm and he is a week old so doesn't need the extra heat really plus I have been keeping my house around 74-75 so not like it is cold...... so maybe that will help????
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Coco and her Kittens stayed in the bathroom with a box but she kept using the laundry. Can you put them in the bathroom?
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we only have one bathroom that is used often with 4 1/2 (my 3 yr old barely uses it. hahaa) people using it...... so that wouldn't work either. plus that is tiny........ can you tell I live in a tiny house.......

she has kept him in the box since I moved him back the last time last night so maybe it was the heating pad????? I will check often today!
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