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No more Bulimia!!!!

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Thank you Everyone!!! for all your great tips on cat food. My girl (the black one) acts like she had bulimia - she would eat dry food then throw it up.
After asking the vet - no help there, said too expensive to do tests to find out what was going on - I tried Sensitive stomach kibble. Marginal improvement.
Then after your great postings, I started looking for any food with no wheat gluten or any other grains. I found some canned food in the grocery store that was just meat. Both cats LOVED it. And no bulimia.

So I made a trip to the feed store that has Wellness canned and tried that. Once again, My Picky Eaters loved it and no bulimia. So I'm now gradually mixing Wellness dry with the Sensitive stomach for free choice. And success again! no bulimia.

Figuring how much canned to give them for dinner is the next problem. They are used to free choice dry, so I'm having to get them to understand when I put the dish down with canned food to eat it all now. The Turkey with Salmon has been the biggest hit, they scarfed that up like I had been starving them. I'm so glad you mentioned the possibility of wheat gluten allergy. I think that is what is going on.
Now we'll see how the "fat cat" (the girl) and the "skinny cat" syndrome resolves itself.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Donny and Chade's mom
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TCS has helped my cats a lot too.
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That's great! We actually switched to low/no grain wet food and eliminated the chicken for Stanley's skin problems, and as an unexpected result, Bella's puking habit has also improved greatly (she's still a hairball machine, but she won't let me brush her )

I too would never have thought of food allergies if not for TCS.
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