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Very Sick Kittens

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I have a litter of siamese kittens that are very sick with an URI and I have them on clavamox as suggested by my vet.They are only 10 days old and now not eating at all.I have to force feed them with a bottle.I use my own recipe which works good.It's Karo syrup,water,evaporated milk,egg yolk.I wipe their eyes so they can open soon and they are very congested.One kitten is very tiny and very worried about her.They will not nurse.I feed them every 2 hours.The other 2 look like they are gaining weight.I don't know what else I can do.Any suggestions would be good.My vet isnt helping me much.
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I would stick KMR and Pedialyte until they get a bit stronger, do you have any available?

All you can do is keep them warm, and get some food into them - good luck!
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Pedialyte the kind for kids?What kind exactly and how much mixed with anything?Never tried it always used this old recipe and always worked.Wish I could get the milk out of the mother like on that movie meet the parents SERIOUSLY I would if I could too!I'm that determined!
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Several times a day, take them into the bathroom while you run hot water in the shower - the steam helps them breathe better.

Keep them warm enough that they don't use too many calories staying warm.

Feed small frequent amounts. Remember with the congestion, they can't breathe through their nose, so they need a chance to breath through their mouth after each sip of formula. And it takes more energy to do it this way.
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I have heard that lysine from your vet will help with URI. The vet can get it for you in a tube that is like paste. I don't know if it will work for kittens this young but it is definantly something you can ask your vet if he would recommend. I give it to all my adult cats and it works wonders to prevent and help treat URI. Hope they get better soon. Sending good vibes
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I suggest you take a look at this web site for additional ideas to assist these little ones, but be prepared emotionally in the event that all heroic measures fail.

I trust that you are remembering to stimulate their little bottoms so that they go potty for you. Also, remember that if they start to crash a little Karo syrup smeared right on the gums can help to jumpstart their little systems.

Best of luck to you with these guys.
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Two died today I have one left and she doesn't look good.
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HE I mean it's a boy that is still living.So upset!
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I'm sorry to hear about the two that didn't make it, hopefully you can still help the last one.

Rest in peace little kittens.
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i am so sorry to hear about the 2 kittens that did not make it... sending for the remaining kitten that he makes it through this
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The last one died not long ago.thank you for your comments,concerns
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Im so sorry to hear about the loss of your three little kittens.. So sorry...
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