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Cozmo pics

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Cozmo as a big guy and Cozmo as a little guy. He looks pretty much the same, just got bigger. Bottom one is young Cozmo from 2-1-07

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What a handsome boy he's grown up to be, and i love his pink button nose
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he is a handsome boy! love the expression in his baby pic, so cute!
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He is such a handsome boy!
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Wow Cozmo is a good looking cat!! He has sure grown up!! Love his kitten photo
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What a cutie!
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He has gotten even more handsome with age.
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He certainly grew up to be a handsome young man. Good to see you posting again.
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Hi, I may have posted this picture right after I got Cozmo but I am pretty sure this is the first picture I took of him shortly after I brought him home and he stayed in one place long enough to get a picture. I still have the same toy he is playing with so maybe I can get a picture of him with the same toy to get a idea how big he is getting now. EDIT,,, I don't know why the older pictures are going through so big, I had both of the older pictures resized to same size as the first picture on Photobucket but when I put them on here the come through big again.
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He looks so soft!
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Here is Cozmo today with the same toy as he has in the kitten picture. The toy don't look so big now.
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AWWWWW how cute!!!
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