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So annoying..

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Ugh, I just want to vent.

So Callie had her kittens a while back, and they'll be a month old tomorrow. We've been keeping them in the really big dog kennel with the top taken off for a while now, but lately they want even more room to move, and they get so noisy and make such a mess in there now that we have food, water, and a little litter box. I got them out earlier and let them run around my room, and put them back after a while. They still wanted out and were meowing and jumping everywhere, so my mom told me to put the gate up in the hall and put the kennel back there so they could have room to run around.

But no, my step dad is all like, "They're going to climb over the gate, blah blah blah, if this isn't going to work, they're going back in your room whether you like it or not, you should sit out here tonight and keep an eye on them because you don't have to get up in the morning." Sorry but, umm.. no?

I love them to death, but now that they're getting big, they want to go everywhere, and get so noisy, and I really don't want them running all over my room and getting into things. Apparently no one else wants to put them in their room, and it's so frustrating when I'm in here at night and they're constantly scratching at the box and meowing and making a big mess.. and I don't know where else I could put them to give them more room.

If anyone has any suggestions, that might be nice.

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well, i don't know your setup... but Firefox learned how to climb the baby gates pretty quickly! i had 2, stacked on top of each other, tied securely to each other and to the door hinges. couldn't figure out how she was getting out - till i saw her climb to the top & dive off - onto my hard floors! after that, i kept the bathroom door and the gates closed at night - with cloths stuffed under the door, 'cause she could squeeze under it!
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We have three baby gates, one's in the doorway to my bedroom to keep the dogs out since the kittens were in here, and it's still there, mostly because I don't want our newest dog to keep coming in here and getting into stuff.

I was thinking about maybe putting them in my bathroom and putting a towel under the door, but the bathroom isn't too big. I guess they'd still have a bit of room to run around. I'd just let them run around my room, but there's pleny of places they could go behind, and lots of cords for my tv and all that other stuff that they could mess with. I remember having a heck of a time getting Clover to stop messing around with them when we brought her home.

I love how this whole "put them in the hall" thing was my mom's idea and then people try to make it sound like it was all my idea and I should sit there all night and babysit them and then if it doesn't work out, have to bring them back in here to make a mess and meow all night when they have to stay in my room, but can't run around wherever they want.
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Get them a kitty gym or a small cat tree. That might keep them occupied.
Mine are in a bathroom because of what you are saying. They are too young and will get into everything.
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Originally Posted by CC12 View Post
Get them a kitty gym or a small cat tree. That might keep them occupied.
Mine are in a bathroom because of what you are saying. They are too young and will get into everything.
I've been thinking about looking for one, both for them while they're here, and for the other cats.

I like letting them out in my room, but they all seem to run in a different direction and I have to end up looking for them.
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When the litter Dynah was in got too big for the cage we had built and were climbing the sides, we went to a communal litter pan and free range of my bedroom. there were plenty of poopy accidents, but no wire chewing...and having 5 kittens climb (literally) into bed with you at night is pretty special.

Before and after this we had supervised activity time in the hallway where my sister would sit on one end and I would sit on the other and they would have space to run. We also brought them downstairs to the livingroom because we could close the door off to it....they loved climbing the sides of the furniture and playing with the cat toys in the bigger area.

My advice to you is to be creative about giving them run time, and if you give them enough during the day, they wont be as loud at night.
Also, mine loved the scratching post I have...it's an upright post covered in sisal and has two sisal covered balls hanging down....when they got about that big they'd have wars to see who could be "king of the castle".

Oh! and if you need a blocker, being creative with cardboard around things like wires and rails on stairs can really help prevent accidents.
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Try taking one or two at a time and give them supervised playtime - its easier to keep track - give them about 15-20 mins to explore and play.
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We let them all out to run through the living room earlier when everyone was home, and when we finally put them back, they've been asleep almost the whole time.

I mentioned getting some cardboard to put against the gate so they can't climb, or moving them into one of the bathrooms. I'd like to look at some cat trees sometime soon, too.
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