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Freezer pops!

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OMG I haven't had one since I was about 8, so yummy!
But when did they start making them in pina colada flavor?
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Freezer Pops are so yummy. I haven't had one in a long time either.
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i just bought Orange Crush flavored ones last week. it was teh first time in years that I have had any.
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I got lucky.

Part of my work here at the park entails cleaning the rental trailers after checkout.
I scored big yesterday: 4 Dr Peppers, 4 Cokes, 3 bottles of beer and a big, and I mean big bag of freezer pops.
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I love those things, I buy them in all kinds of weird flavors & such to try.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
But when did they start making them in pina colada flavor?
They're actually manufactured in pina colada flavor? We usually just make "adult beverages" and freeze some hahaha

But I recently saw jelly belly freezer pops in wegmans - gotta be good, the beans are good!
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I haven't had those in a while.. they're so good!

I remember we used to get them at recess in grade school for a quarter.
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I used to love freezer pops! mostly otter pops. But now that im a grownup, they kinda hurt my teeth.

If you look in little corner shop quick e marts, you find the best flavors
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I love those things! We usually buy a bunch and stick in the freezer that's in the garage so that when we're working outside we can grab one... they're great in the summer especially!
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I want to try Pina Colada Flavor. It sounds good.
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I actually prefer them to ice cream
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