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I have 2 wonderful cats, Thomas and KeiKei, both are fixed and KeiKei is in perfect health. She is my little girls cats and loves her(the cat does) I think as much as I do. My cat on the other hand is not doing so well. We have been fighting a fungal infection for about 6 weeks now. Today, Thomas was not acting quite right, having a hard time breathing not wanting to get up and move around. So off to the Dr we went. My regular vet was not in so we saw the other one. Thomas did not have a fever, it was actually below normal. He tried to listen to his breathing, but Thomas would not stop purring long enough to let him. So we did x-rays. I went, the vet called me a couple of hours later and told me that he thought he had a very bad case of pneumonia. A little later he called me back and told me that they had drawn blood and that his white cells was like 65,000 and in a normal cat it is like 14,000. He told me then that he thought that he might have 1 of 3 dieases. One if which is FIP. Of course I have searched the web and have done all the reading and know that it is deadly and no cure. I love my cat so much that it breaks my heart to think of him dying, but as much as I love him my little girl loves her cat just as much. It will kill her to lose her cat.I know the chance of other cats getting this is more if there is more than 5 cats in the house. I was wondering if anyone knew what the chances are of KeiKei getting this. I go tomorrow to see the regular vet and that he can tell me more, but I didn't know if anyone here knew. Hopefully I am just worring about this one for nothing and it wont be FIP but right now all I can do is worry.
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It depends on what type of FIP Thomas has, Wet or Dry, but I would isolate the two from each other. Sadly FIP is also known as the purring disease, because cats purr when they are in pain as well as when they are content or scared. I know this is a dreadful path to walk, and I only hope you release Thomas from his pain as soon as you can. The problem with making that decision, as pointed out to me by a dear friend, is then, their pain becomes ours.
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I know it's hard waiting. Try not to worry too much until all tests are back. It's also possible that the phneumonia has his white cell count up. Even if the test for FIP comes back that he has been exposed, it's not 100% that he actually has it. There's no real test for FIP at the moment, and they make the determination by symptoms.
If it is possible FIP may be the cause, it would depend on weather the 2 cats came from the same litter. If they did, it's possible that both were born with it. If not, the chances are somewhat slim. FIP is harder to transmit than most people think. It's usually transmitted in breeding situations.
I really hope you know something soon. Until then, we will all be keeping our fingers crossed for you.
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First off let me say thanks for all the concern. I went and got Thomas today and the vet told me that he was not even going to test for the fip because it was such an undertimined test. He took the fluid from Thomas' lungs and said that it did not have any pus in it. I still have a very sick kittie tho, he is anemic, his immune is way low and one of his kidneys is 4 times larger than normal. He also still has the pneumonia. We are still not out of the woods yet. So now he gets his meds every morning and gets spoiled the rest of the time. I can't lie, I am not much of a cat person, I love dogs. My best friend was a dobie and she died the same year my little girl was born. I got Thomas 4 years ago and the first time I saw him, he stole my heart.I love him so much now !! I am so glad that he does not have the fip, even tho he is still bad, now at least there is some hope !!!
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Just keep up the good nursing. I have seen kitty's bounce back from worse. It sounds as if all of his symptoms are related to just being so sick.
I know that there are just special bonds between pets and thier owners. Weather you like dogs, cats, etc...that special one always comes along. I have always had a "thing" for cats, but I wouldn't trade my dog for all the tea in china.
Make sure and keep us posted on his progress
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