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How much we love them!

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This isn't particularly cute or quirky however I wanted to share.

Today was a big day today, Jack went with me and hubby to Petsmart--mostly to use their scale and see how much he weighs now (he's about 10 months old and weighs 8.8 lbs. so he's gained 1.5 lbs since Valentines day)

He did surprisingly well on his harness and leash. Mommy and Daddy even visited a kitty in the adoption area--while Jack waited patiently in his carrier. Mommy and daddy really liked the kitty who is about the same age as Jack, but we still aren't sure we are ready for a 2 cat household.

This evening I took Jack on his harness over to the neighbors--they just found a kitten that is probably 10 days old and are bottle feeding him. I was curious if Jack would hiss or be kind.

Unfortunately, just as soon as the they brought the kitten outside, someone squealed their tires going up the street and freaked Jack out. He utterly and completely slaughtered me! But I refused to let go no matter how much it hurt.

He was on his harness and leash, but he was so scared I knew he'd get away if I let go. So I took the pain and held on. I'm now out of a shirt (he literally shredded it), and have 3 extremely bad scratches--they hurt like you know what. So i've been cleaned with peroxide and have neosporin on. Now I'm kicked back with a cold beverage--happy to have Jack here. I couldn't live without him--he's my baby, and 100% worth the pain.

What we do for our furries!

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Tell me about it. Sometimes I am doing something and I think...I am a little crazy. But I love them so it is worth it.
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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post
I couldn't live without him--he's my baby, and 100% worth the pain.
Love hurts and our scars show it.
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
Love hurts and our scars show it.
I have to agree with you there!
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Thank you for sharing that I definitely agree with you too! Cats are so worth it!!
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Love 'em and love their claws too... Baby Girl put one of her claws in me the other day while hissing at a neighborhood tom... Hope the strange cat will come back--he's skinny, probably recently dumped, and needs to be neutered. Also hope I don't have to trap the poor guy... he's let me touch him before so I might be able to just pop him in a carrier... What I do know is Baby won't like me having strange-cat smell on me!
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Sometimes I wish they understood English! They might not freak out so much then. I was going to say 'wish they understood us', but they do
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Yes, as Lee can tell us, trying to hold on to a really spooked cat is like wresting with a chain saw.
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I have scratch marks on my chin today that I got yesterday while cleaning Jordan's chin. He just did not want me to clean it and he let me know. The funny thing is I was comforting him telling him it was OK, when I was the one bleeding????

It is amazing the crazy things we do for the love of our furbabies.
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