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I could get lost in here.

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My name is Dali and I am owned by seven little furry maniacs. From oldest to youngest they are:Prudence,Wieland white keys, Loki aka Smokeadoke, Sara the great, Kornflake, Maple kitten and tiny Licorse. All of my beloved friends came to me in a special way. There are to many to name them all so I'll just say the latest. Tiny Licorse was a feral kitten that I took in and she hated it. She must have only been 4 or5 weeks old back in august'02 but she was mean as any old hag. In fact she bit me that first day, rip and tear. She got use to the kennel,then inside in kennel, then kennel open, and now she thinks she queen bee, although the others keep her in pecking order.
I'm not sure how this whole thing works so I'll leave at that story and go back to hunting around. Chow,
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You and your furbabies are going to love it here.
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Thanks so much, although I think I need a fine comb to get through everything. There's always tomorrow.:blossom:
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Hello Dali and a big welcome to you. I am sure you will have fun here the people are lovely. We like photo's too, so please post some if you are able.

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Welcome to the site Dali! Wow, your Licorise sounds a lot like my Ophelia. She was also a feral kitten we "found" at about 6 weeks old. She's a sweetie now, though, but it did take a long time for her to trust us.

It does take a while to get used to everything here, and there is SO MUCH! Take your time and check it out. Feel free to post anywhere while you're looking.
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Hi, Dali! Blow a whistle and we'll try to find you! Oh, there you are... I know exactly what you mean. I remember what it was like when I first joined. We'll be happy to help you find your way. There's something for everyone, so I'm sure you'll have fun. I love the original names you have for your cats. You have quite a brood. I'm sure they keep you busy and happy!
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:daisy: w e l c o m e :daisy:

Hi Dali, this place is great, I kno u'll love it here.. Warning: may become addictive..
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We got you now! Welcome!!
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This place is full of great info and full of great people too! Hope you enjoy the boards as much as the rest of us do...trust me, it's addicting!
Happy posting!
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I'm a little late, but I wanted to welcome you to the board Dali!
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Welcome to TCS
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Thank you all so much for making me feel welcome, I'm alittle jealous though of everyones nifty graphics. I guess it's because I don't know where to get them, maybe someone can tell me. Please. Dali:blossom:
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