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Oh my word!

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I may have to get in troulbe with my fiance... take a look at this girl!
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Aside from not truly being a calico, she's absolutely stunning, I love how symetrical her white blaze is.
No more longhairs for me if I can help it...
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What a pretty girl! She looks like she is trying to stare down the camera
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She has a really great face! I love her "mane". I would be tempted, too.
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She's gorgeous! More of a patched tabby, tho".
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Oh she's pretty! You'll probably have to fetch her fast before someone gets her!
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OMG she is the coolest looking cat SO pretty
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Wow, what a nice looking kitty!
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Ooooo she is neat! I love her mane too!!
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Are you really going to get her or have you already? She is absolutely GORGEOUS!!
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what unusual markings she has, beautiful girl.

go get her quick!
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What a beauty!

I would love to sit down and give her a good brushing
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Wow, what different markings! She's beautiful!
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