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Scooter, Ava & Juno *pics*

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*A few more*
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And yes, the bed was wet... Ava and Scooter got baths and got up there before they were dry.
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Your dogs are so adorable!! They can sure make you smile & giggle!!
I love how Avas paw is on Juno! Looks like they were having a blast playing together!!
I must say Ava's photo of her paws up like that is priceless - I just love it!

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They're so handsome!
And, they have two of the same toys my Cinnamon has- just in different colors.
She has the football in blue and that rope toy in red and orange- I think.
She chewed off one of the things- so, it's just a rope with red, now.
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I can't believe how well ava and juno get along!
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I'm just in love with your doggies - soooo cute!!!! Those photos where Ava has her paws up are beyond precious!!
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they are beautiful, all of them!
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They are all so sweet!!
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Great pictures!!!

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It is so nice to see them play, it looks like they have a great time together
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They're gorgeous! and making me want a dog *so* badly. Don't you think Nikita would like a dog to boss around? heh..

Anyway they're gorgeous and happy looking, congratulations on them
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