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Hi there,

I took my cat to the Vet on Saturday, suspecting she had Asthma. We didn't do a x-ray aat this time, she had gotten an anti-flammatory shot to help her breath better. Now it is looking more like a serious URI, she is sneezing all the time, she won't get up, she has yellow snutt coming from her nose. I am waiting froma call back from the Vet, to see if I need to bring her or if I can just pick up some meds (antibiotics) for her. Anybody familiar with this problem? Thanks
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URIs are quite common, especially in places like shelters since they are airbone they spread rapidly.

Usually one round of anti-biotics take care of it. When any of mine have a URI, or any fosters, I always make sure I am diligently monitoring their food intake. All mine get wet food 2x a day, so I sometimes heat it slightly so it smells more to ensure they are eating. (As they have snotty noses, they probably can't smell the food well)
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Sounds like one to me. What makes them think she has Asthma.
When Coco get s a Uri her Asthma gets bad. Your Cat needs a Antibiotic.
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Well, the reason why we thought it may be Asthma is because I just took my foster cat in for a breathing issue and the x-rays reveiled she had Asthma. Now, not even 4 weeks later my 2nd cat did just about the same thing, but I wasn't able financally to do the x-ray. The vet said she's defenitly congested, and we can give her the anti flammatory shot to open her up. She thinks it may be allergies triggered by construction going on across the street. My cats do not go outside at all, never so not sure how she's gotten it. The shot cleared up any problems for my foster, she's been like "new" ever since, but it has no effect on Puddin.
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Coco has never been out but things outside still set her Asthma off. What Med did your Cat get?
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She's gotten and Anti flammatory injection, that's all the bill says. And a injection for tape worms.
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I was just wondering if it was what Coco got. Coco was getting Depo Medrol but can no longer have it. It worked pretty good at first. She also got Metacam once for her Arthritis. That is a one time shot though.
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I picked up some Clavamex from the Vet, if she's not better after that she will need chest x-rays. Her eyes are all watery and her nose is full of yellow mucos (hope I spelled that right). With the help from my kids I will try to get this stuff out of her nose later on and help her breath better.
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Clavamox will work good. I ahve used it for Uris before.
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If you do not see improvement within 3-5 days, call your vet. Many vets do not tell people that, but generally there should be some sort of (even mild) improvement within the first 3-5 days of meds.
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I will, thank you.

When my other cat was diagnosed with Asthma, they called me every other day to check on her. I am very happy with this vet. Just hope my other 2 kitties are not getting it now. I have them seperated now, but only since yesterday, hope it wasn't too late.
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When Meeko had a Uri Coco caught it but Sasha didnt get sick at all. Oreo did a little but she is a kitten.
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I would like to know how she got to begin with, they don't go outside, none of my cats, only the doggy.......
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Germs can come in even though they stay inside.
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It's just strange that you get all theses vacinations to prevent them from picking up stuff and they still do.
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Cocos has 2 already this year. What is funny is Sasha had not had Shots yet and she didnt even get Sick. The ones with the Shots got the Uris. Coco and Meeko.
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I have read something online in regards to that but cannot find it anymore. Something about an reaction to the Bortadella shot, and she had just gotten hers not too long ago. Maybe I am imaging things now...........
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They didnt get sick from a Shot. Meeko went to teh Vets for Blood Tests and caught a Uri and had a 104.9 fever.
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She's definitaly has a fever, I can tell, she's hot. She even refuses tuna, I wanted her to eat at least a little, but she won't. There is nothing much I can do now, just wait for the meds to kick in I guess. When should I be alarmed?
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Meeko refused to eat for 4 days. The Vet had me try baby food. The Clavamox sometimes makes them not want to eat either. You need to get her to eat something or she can get liver problems. The fever makes them not want to eat also.
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Well, Puddin is actually better already this morning. Her breathing improved and she is getting her bitchy ways back, she even ate a little, so far so good.
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I am glad she is better.
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