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blood in poop??

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Chance is crying alot an theres blood in his poop.My mom called the vet an his coming today or tomoro(our vet comes to the house).In the meen time please send prays an good vibes to chance to help him get betterI cant belive my baby boys sick,i love him so much.My mom said that its not that bad because he's still active ALOT!Again please send prays an vibes to help him get better
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Hi ChanceofRayne... sending and prayers your baby boy's way! My kittens both had blood in their stool a few weeks ago, but were still playful and active... the vet treated them for worms and coccidia, and an eye infection that was related to the infection... they are both fine now... i hope for the same for your baby boy!
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Poor little sweetie. Sending vibes that vet finds nothing very serious and Chance gets well soon.
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I've had that problem with one of my foster kittens. Turned out to be coilitus which was easily remedied with a pill. It could also be something as minor as a broken blood vessel or stress. If he is playful and has an appetite, its probably nothing too serious....but I'd definitely take him to the vet just in case.
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coccidia,the vet said it mite be this.he's sending the meds tomoro.poor baby.
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awww... poor dears... but like i said ... my kittens are doing way better now~
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