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Daily Thread HUMP day May 28th!

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Morning folks!

Halfway through the week, and Josh is coming next Friday! Man, its ridiculous how much I miss him!

I am pretty tired today..I was up until midnight last night. Normally I go to bed at like 10

Cool and sunny today..I plan on coming home late tonight as I am going to make some sales calls.

Have a great day folks!
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whoo half way through the week!

Gonna pop into work in a bit
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Sunny but another cool start to the day (see my freeze post!!)
Working at a couple of sites today then have to renew my botanical garden membership as their annual garden fair has members only night on friday which I attend!!
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Good morning,

I just finished watering the garden and now I'm off to work.

Good news is, I get to leave work early today
Bad news is, that's because I have to go to the hospital. I am terrorized of even going to the doctor, so you can imagine how I feel about the hospital! Could anyone spare some vibes that I have nothing serious to worry about?

At least there's another good news for the day. My bf isn't working tonight and he promised me a special treat if I go through the hospital tests like a big girl
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You can have a lollypop if your brave Lots of luck coming over

It's raining I'm pleased because my lawn needs a good drink after the weed and feeds been put on

3 hours to go then i'm off home to see the kids
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Morning All!!!

Sunny and quite nice here this morning.

Heading off to work shortly have several catch-up items to finish off today and a few other things. Will be off from Fri-Mon because of my treatment on my knees so need to get a bit ahead of the game..not like they won't call me like a million times, they just won't get to see my smiling face..

Tonight I have to do some work on my computer which seems to have become possessed by something. So I guess a couple of scans and some maintenance are in order..

Kitties are good today, sitting in the window watching something or other.

Everyone have a good day
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I am off today. I will be writing up the invitations for our engagement party. I got a ton of sample invitations in the mail for wedding invitations today. They are so pretty.
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This morning I went to the dentist and got the LAST of my dental work finished (a filling) I don't have to go back again until my next cleaning! I'm soo happy to be done with it all (i've had an emergency root canal, 3 fillings, and a crown/filling over the root canal area) all in the past few weeks so it's been a lot!

After that we had some roofers come out and put a few new shingles up on our roof and a new pipe cover to replace our torn up one. This is just a temp. fix though- we found out today we need our whole roof replaced soon so that kind of stinks. We had a lot of hail damage from the past few storms/bouts of severe weather in our area, so we'll definitely need to replace our roof sometime soon.

After all of that stuff i applied for a few more jobs, still hoping to find something soon. That's pretty much been it for the day so far, not too eventful.
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