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Cooking Questions Bulk related for Party

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Before i ask anything, this is my menu:

Pasta Salad
Fried Rice
Rosemary Potatoes
Pesto Fusilli
Cold Roast
Home made sausage rolls and pies
Fruit platter some fruit is covered in chocolate
Cheese platter
Red wine, white wine, soft drinks and beer will be served
BYO Spirits.

I am making the day before the party the roast, Pasta salad and the Fried rice along with the cake.
I am making the home made sausage rolls and pies this weekend and freezing them.
I will have to cook the sausage rolls and the pies at the school although some might be at home and then just reheated there as the oven is tiny!

My questions are, when do I make the Quiche, rosemary potatoes and the fruit covered in chocolate? I figured if i chopped up the potatoes the day before, i could just boil them and let them set in the oven until they get crunchy.

I wanted to do the chocolate fruit the day before but i am scared that they will get all mushy or something.

sooo any imput will be really good

P.s this is for my engagement party and I am feeding about 50 people!
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I used to do design gift baskets and my specialty was food baskets I also worked in my Aunt's catering business. It is all about organization so the day of you can relax.

If you are doing Strawberries(which are in season and delicious right now)you can do them the night before and lay them on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper and put it in the fridge. I assume you are dipping the fruit and not doing a chocolate fondue?
In my opinion potatoes need to be cooked the same day. They could be the last thing you do. Cut them up and keep them submerged in cold water and then put them in the fridge. Is your potato recipe simple?
If you can do your quiche the night before and then reheat it. It won't affect the taste.

BTW Congratulations!
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I concur on the potatoes-they will not reheat well. The quiche does reheat well so make it ahead of time. And the pasta-if you are using any type of dressing have a bit more made as the pasta will absorb some of the dressing and could be a bit dry.
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When I make pasta or rice salad, I put in half the amount of dressing and let the dish chill for a few hours. The pasta/rice absorbs the dressing during that time. Then I taste it and add just enough dressing to correct the flavor just before serving. If you add all of the dressing before chilling, then add more to correct the flavor, the salad gets oily tasting.

IMHO, you have a lot of starch dishes there. Pasta salad, fried rice, pesto fusilli, rosemary potatoes. I would leave one out and add maybe a mixed vegetable platter??
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I forgot to add that its a vegetarian pasta salad, and there is a lot of veggies in there that i will not need so much pasta.

Same as the Quiche, its a zucchini one.

Other people are bringing fresh salads and fruit salads so this is why i am not making it

This pasta salad is one that everyone loves!
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For anything that you want to serve warm:

You can cook it at home, let it set for a little bit out of the oven, then wrap the dishes up in foil. You want to cool it enough so it doesn't melt the inside of the cooler. Pad a large cooler with towels and put the food in there with the lid closed until ready to serve. It will serve as a warming drawer as long as you don't open up the top. I learned this trick from my chef friend who caters a lot.
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