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how old are they?

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My brother and I just picked these two up today. A woman in Brooklyn had found a litter in a small space between her house and her neighbor's place, so we're not sure how old they are. We're feeding them KMR 2nd step. They're going to have their first trip to the vet tomorrow, but I thought I'd ask everyone on here if they'd take a guess on their ages.

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oh they are darling! I love the chewing on the foot photo.

I would guess about 5 weeks old. They look in pretty good condition, probably have some wormy bellies.

They look like they are happy little ones...Good for you taking them in!
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They look just like my 2 girlies I would say they are about 5-6 weeks old. Are they eating solid food?
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I say about 6 weeks. They sure are Cute.
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Judging by the way their ears stand up, I would say 5-6 wks. They look in great shape, but make sure the vet worms them and check for ear mites. Cute little buggers though.
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Not seeing the coordination in walking, I'm guessing 4-6 weeks - no more then 8 weeks.
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My vet always looks at the teeth. However, I don't think that it is always accurate. I took my baldies in at 12 weeks and Bonnie had less tooth growth than Bob, and they are only 5 days apart in age.

I would just wait for the vet to examine them and then they can usually tell how old they are.

They are so cute though! Good for you for taking them in and giving them a warm dry place to stay
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They look just the same size as my fosters who are 5 1/2 weeks old.
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Precious little babies
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AAWWWW! The little orange one is heart meltingly cute! They are both adorable, but I am a sucker for an orange kitty.
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My guess is about 5 weeks old.
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