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She likes my taste in music!

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I am in the process of organizing my CDs. I had 3 piles of them on my glass coffee table. Butzie came bounding in after me today and became fixated on the table. She has been on this table before, but today, she just rolled around on the glass and rubbed her chin on the CD cases purring loudly. I think that she must have wanted me to play the music.
So, she must like Pink, Smashmouth, Carol King and the Dave Brubeck quartet.
Now, if I could just get her to dance.
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Zane doesn't react at all to music on the stereo, but when I start playing the piano or organ, after a few minutes he starts yowling. I don't know if the music is bothering him, or if he just wants me to pay attention to him rather than the instrument.
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Not sure how much my boys really like music, but I know what they *don't* like -- anything involving a lot of feedback, loud guitar riffs, or samples of dogs barking freaks them out. Grateful Dead and Santana live albums are banned from my apartment for that very reason, as is Jane's Addiction's "Ritual de lo Habitual" (the intro to "Been Caught Stealing" features very loud barking).

I do leave the local jazz station on for them during the day when I'm not home sometimes -- they seem calmer on the days when I do.

P.S. I will add that my RB cat Peaches was fond of pop music, especially boy bands. She purred every time I played New Kids on the Block. (In my defense, I was a teenager and it was the late 80s-early 90s.)
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The only recorded sound my kitty seems to respong to are animal noises on tv sometimes. but, anything that takes away attention from her (like organizing cds) is sure to interest her suddenly
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Seldon likes Animal shows.
He will sit and watch TV with me. Cleo just dozes off but Seldon likes it.
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My furballs don't really mind if I play music or not, they are pretty chilled out kitties 24/7!
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