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My mom called the Vet a lil bit ago and.................................................

Everything came out fine in Kumar's Blood Test!!!!!!!

I almost cried with excitement i was so happy to hear that!!!!! I was sooooo worried something would be wrong... but everything came out healthy!!!!

So now the next step is: the Vet wants to wait a couple weeks to se how many more Seizures Kumar has ((so far he hasnt had any))... she really doesnt like to Medicate dogs with Seizures ((im thinking thats why she puts them down))... but she will Kumar if he needs it, only cuz we insist on not putting him down.

So yea! I just wanted to share that with everybody!!!! Thanx for your Vibes also!!!

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Good to hear it!
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That's wonderful to hear!
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GREAT news!!!!!!!!!
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That's great that the results came back good.

I'm still very confused as to why the vet would even consider putting down a dog after one seizure. Many dogs have seizures occasionally and never need medication, many that do need medications still lead long, happy lives.
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Yay! That is such wonderful news!! Kumar is such a gorgeous doggie!
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Great news... I would suggest finding a vet who is comfortable with sezuire dogs ... Mine wasnt at ease with accupucturing my epileptic so she handed me to her partner who was
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Thank goodness!!!

I also can't believe your vet puts down dogs with seizures! My Dalmation had seizures the last 4-5 years of her life. She was on medication to help control it and lived a long happy life till age 15!! (That's extremely long for a dalmation). She probably would have lived longer but she was in so much pain from other problems we couldn't bare to keep her on pain meds that weren't working for her anymore.
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Good news! Kumar could use a break!
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great news! congrats it came out ok!
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