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EEK!!! A freeze warning

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I have purchased hundreds of dollars of plants in the past week for several of my clients and myself. I have been carefully watching the weather for tonite and the forecast was lowered to a low of 30F after midnite to 7 am from 35F earlier today. So my greenhouse/cold frame/garden shed/garage are full of containers planted up and ready to plant.

Bad thing is I have a garden tour at my house in July featuring my hostas which I have hundreds of plants and they are freeze sensitive. I have tarps and sheets all over the yard!! Hoping the weatherman is wrong-not much sleep tonite for me. Well I can't control mother nature!!
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Yikes! I'd be freaking out! It's cold enough here that the basil I had potted has seen better days, and I don't expect it to make it, and the same with the sweet potato vine that I bought for planters, but that's nothing compared to your greenhouse full of plants!
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That reminds me I forgot to bring my tomato plants inside!
Freezing at the end of May, what weird weather everyone is getting!! Heres hoping everything stays nice and warm!
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Sending warming vibes
What fruit last week's winds didn't throw down, the cold temps here are bound and determined to finish off
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The Weather seems to be messed up everywhere. I lost all my Fruit on my Trees because we hit 107 already. Then it was Very Windy a few days after that. Last Sat we had Rain and the high was 58.
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Do you have any smudge pots?
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What are Smudge Pots.
Mostly cloudy with isolated rain showers. Isolated thunderstorms possible in the evening. Lows 47 to 55. West winds 5 to 15 mph.
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Well actually what large growers say of strawberries do here is have freeze alarms then either start the sprinkler systems or use some sort of foam.

I got up at my usual 5:30 am and the thermometer by the front door said 31.8F but there was and still is heavy frost on my property. The some of the sheets and tarps were stiff with frost. I really won't know for a couple of days the damage to my perennials. The annuals are all ok as I checked my cold frame and greenhouse (its a small one).

The freeze warning expires at 7 am and its sunny outside. I'm just waiting another 30 minutes to leave for work. Luckily I stuffed all the annuals in the car last night as Neil works close to where I have to plant today so I will retrieve them when I arrive!!
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We've been lucky so far - sw Minnesota has been in 40's at night. But yesterday going to work, they were saying about upper north MN around International Falls - they had SNOW FLURRIES!
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Where is that global warming of which "they" speak?

I sincerely hope your plants don't come to any harm Gail. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Seriously, Gail, a lot of folks I know just have to plant their annuals on our Victoria Day weekend (around May 20-24). I always wait several more weeks because we can and do get frost even after that weekend. My husband was a bit miffed that I wouldn't go 2 weekends ago, but seeing as he had to scrape frost off the windshield before going to work a week ago, he has since admitted that I was right to wait.

I spend well over $100 just for annuals and even then I could easily spend more so I'd prefer to just wait the extra couple weeks.
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Well all the perennials look okay (so far) except now we are supposed to get heavy rains/T-storms tomorrow night through early Sat morning-I just cannot win. So I will be very busy tomorrow early-maybe yet tonite with some deliveries if Neil gets home from the gym before 6 pm!!
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