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Raaa!! - Nikita

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A few new action shots of her

Here she is chewing the successfully captured prey

She's quite happy to show her belly when she's done playing and she's soaking up the sunlight now that there's actually some sun to be had

Not so much with the dignity though

and here she is watching me through a stack of books, she sometimes plays "watch the human" it can be a little unnerving but mostly it's just cute to suddenly notice her half hidden away somewhere keeping her eye on me

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Nikita is so beautiful! The wonderful photos that you take of her and the photos of Kai Bengal's cats make me want to adopt a Bengal one day!

I know I am about to bring home two Siamese kittens but now I want to keep my eyes open, and maybe I can find a Bengal breeder who has a retired breeder or show cat for sale in a year or two.

They are so beautiful!
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great pics,
hehe really what is it with cats and watch the human thing....
makes you wonder.
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I'm not sure if it's just the light, but she's looking a lot darker again! And how many blurry shots with just a leg in them did you get? I always get maybe one good shot out of about 50

Lily does the whole staring thing as well, particularly if we're watching tv. She'll stare at us for AGES with big eyes. It's quite unnerving.
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Gorgeous as usual.
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Wow Nikita is a stunning girl! I love the action shots & the close ups of her gorgeous face!!
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Takoda loves "watch the human". He loves to watch from the very top of our 8 foot cat tree. My youngest will say, " Mom, Takoda has that look again."

I can be a little unnerving I agree.
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OMG she is a doll I LOVE her belly
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She is stunning!
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milo does the 'staring' thing too. i always think he looks a little reproachful as if i'm doing something wrong. like not paying him 100% of my attention at all times!

nikita is beautiful. and so brave to tackle that wild and dangerous beast!
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Nikita's fur glows with health....
she is always a stunning beauty.
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