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Anyone ALLERGIC to their pets?

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I was severly allergic to cats when i was a kid. all one had to do was be NEAR me, and i would go nuts with hives, runny nose and eyes, the whole bit.

Once i got older, i began to surround myself with cats, and by the end of 8 months, i was clear of allgeries to cats. I can now sleep with, and bury my head in Uno's ( lynx point birman) fur and im fine.

Now on to the Q. I have Piper, my 4 year old Rottweiler. I have breed and trained Rottweilers and Italian Mastiffs. I never had a problem with being allergic to one!

When i got together with my SO, i wanted to get another Rottweiler. So we looked around, and got a German Blockhead Rottweiler, papered and all. Piper was a awesome pup, and we had no problems, potty trained by 11 weeks and everything.

Once he hit a year old, i noticed that when he licked me, i would get red skin and it would itch. It gradually became hives! I thought it was maybe his food, so i changed it. did NOTHING. Then i started bathing him once a week, cause as with his saliva, his hair would make me break out in hives as well! Also did NOTHING.

As long as hes been bathed, im good for the first 3 days after the bath, if i only touch his hair. If he licks me anytime, its red hives wherever hes touched. Any longer then that, and its back to hives and red skin. I take allergy meds on a daily basis. Is there anything else i can do?
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I'm not allergic to cats, or any animals, but my mom is allergic to cats.. and we have nine at the moment. She's not like, deathly allergic to them though, so that's a good thing.
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I used to take Allergy Shots and they helped. I am Allergic to my Cats. I am Allergic to all Pets. You can try Allergy Shots.
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I'm allergic to cats!!! I don't take meds because you become immune to them after a while and I got tired of changing meds all the time as a teen.

Now I just bathe the cats once a month and I'm totally fine. Athough, I still get hives every once in a while when they kiss or rub on me.
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