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Mellie has FORL & lessons learned

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I tell ya, things are not going swimmingly cat-wise for me and my cats. Today I found out Mellie has FORL (Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesion) and will probably need to have the affected tooth extracted. I noticed the last couple months that she wasn't happy having her teeth brushed anymore. And she used to be the cat that would be first in line at the bathroom door. And it got worse, recently reaching the point where tooth brushing was causing her pain when I brushed the lower left side. It's not easy to exam a cat's teeth, but I managed it and saw a red spot on one tooth. I took her into the clinic and the vet tech looked at her teeth and gave me the bad news. So, she's going into the clinic for cleaning/possible extraction on Thursday.

A couple things I've learned today: a cat can get FORL even with regular tooth-brushing. If it's caught early enough, a tooth with a lesion can be saved. I won't know if that's the case with Mellie until they take x-rays on Thursday. It was a pretty good-sized red spot. Now I wish that as soon as she started feeling discomfort I had brought her in. I thought it was gum inflammation and no big hurry. I was treating her with an OTC product that fights gum disease, but does nothing for teeth.

So everybody: check your cat's teeth and if there's any signs of discomfort or any spots, bring your cat in right away and have a vet tech look at the teeth. It didn't cost anything for her to look. But it's going to be big bucks on Thursday.
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Thanks for the 'heads-up'! I do brush my cat's teeth...to the extent that they'll let me, that is! I also like to check them now and then, just because I have to keep on top of dental issue because of Cleo's & Maggie's CRF.

Good luck to you and Mellie on Thursday. I will be keeping you both in my prayers.
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Mellie is home and is doing well. X-rays showed two teeth affected by FORL. The one on the left is the one I saw, and there was another in the same position on the right which was affected on the inside of the mouth....no way to be able to see that. So, she had two extractions, to the tune of $560, and that includes my "valued customer" discount.

I've been brushing Mellie's teeth regularly, but now that I know she's prone to this, I'm also going to do two more things: use a product called OraZn, which is a zinc gel that is supposed to combat gum disease, and I'm also going to periodically visually check her teeth.

And, as common as this is, I urge everyone else to do the same. This is an uncomfortable, even painful condition, and nobody wants to let this go any longer than necessary. If you have a cat prone to, there's nothing known yet that can prevent it, but good oral hygiene is supposed to slow it down. AND I'm going to increase the raw in her diet, just in case the vitamin-D over-supplement theory is true.
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