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Feykirofa is doing it again :(

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I need your advise on Feykirofa - again!
She has had toilet problems before, but I think whose times were stress related, like when we were redoing the flat and moved to my parents, and Feykirofa peed in flowepots and did no.2 behind doors. Or when Pollyanna first got into heat and Feykirofa peed on everything she could find on the bathroom floor - bathmat, towel (hmm, they dont just lie there, but she was quick to find it we didn´t put the towel in the loundry basket right after the shower.) And when she got into hear (that happened only once!) and peed repeatedly in the living room sofa...
Anyway, now I can´t think of anything stressful and now she has come in to the habit of doing no.2 on the mat in front of the litter box, and the other day she peed on a towel in the bathroom. She only did that one though. But the no.2 on the litter box mat seems to be here to stay. This even happens right after I clean the box, so it´s not that.
What can I do???
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The first thing that comes to mind is the litter box or litter itself. Because it's right outside the box, it usually indicates some sort of dislike of the litter area. You might want to try an unscented litter, a bigger box, or a different style box. It could also have to do with the placement of the box. I would look into those few things first
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Does she have more than one box? I found out the hard way with Tiki...she MUST have a box to pee and one to poop in. I believe Hissy told me that for every cat you need 2 boxes. She just may not want to poop where she is peeing. I also agree that it might be the litter? Have you changed brands lately? Changed her box?

This are just thoughts that came to mind...hope that they may help you!
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Our cat has very good litterbox habits - he even throws up in his box when he can, which I greatly appreciate, even though the occasional hairball mixed with grass is nothing to get upset about. If I'm home when he uses the box, he meows so that I can come clean the box right away. However, a few times when I tried out other litters (silicate, nonclumping and paper), he did his "big business" on the mat right outside his box. He was definitely telling me that he objected to the litter. If I were you, I'd think about any changes to the litter that have been made. Your cat seems to be trying to tell you she isn't happy about something.
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Can you get a bigger box? That might help.
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Thanx for your advices!
Last time I bought litter, I tried out Everclean "Fresh guard", I had forgotten about that, because I am just "finishing" it. I dont like the smell of it and am deffinately not buying it again. So if that is the reason, that would be great!
I really cant buy a bigger box, this is as big as it gets I think, with a roof and door, I´ll see how the new litter (the old kind) works.

jcat: Pollýanna used to threw up in the box, but doesn´t anymore (she throws up a lot), but her son, born last May, always threw up on the mat in front of the litterbox. He ate all kinds of things, a hat an old woman knitted for my son (who is 5 days yonger than Pollýanna´s babys), 3 pacifyers (!!!) - he just stole them and ate the rubber off! Then he threw one up after a month!
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Feykirófa just pooed on the box mat again!
We changed the litter type, went back to what we had last before the csented one, and everything was fine for a while.
There is not a deep layer of sand in the box now, maybe she is getting very picky on details. I´ll add to the sant and see if it will help.
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