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Where is everyone?

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It has been way........... to dead here today!!!!!Most of the post are a day old,not to many new one's What am I supposed to do,if there are nothing to read and answer? Oh I get it the weather is too nice to be inside on the coumpter!
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I have been thinking the same thing for the last few days.
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I'm here, but as you can see I don't post that much!
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Been busy with work, end of the month and all that.

Will likely be around more this weekend, if the weather turns out to be as foul as they are forecasting.
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Weekdays are always busier. Traffic here slows about Thursday and doesn't pick up again till Monday (usually)
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that's because I haven't been here :laughing::laughing2

I'm home from work now so I'll be posting a lot for a few hours.
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ACK! I'm leaving for two days to Courtenay to visit my grandmom and my M.I.L. is coming over on Sunday to feed the cats while we're gone. ACK! I have to clean! BYE!!!!
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Since I'm new I didn't want to post until I got to know the place a bit... :bubbly: . But today I felt like joining in on all the fun!

Here its a beatiful day, the spring is everywhere! so Im going out to catch a bit of sun :flower:
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Sorry i havn't been able to get on my computer, iam on a library computer right now!
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can't blame me. I have been posting like a mad women. I have so many questions :LOL:
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Hey, I've been trying to make up for lost time. I'm an Alpha Cat now Princess Purr, you're just about ready to jump to the next level, aren't you? Is that Top Cat or Super Cat?
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I'm checking in today (Sunday) --AND no nice weather here!!! It is SNOWING again! (UGH!!! ) I think we've had JUST ABOUT enough snow and winter, don't you???!!!!

Hope you all are having a good weekend!

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im here... I will be a regular poster from now on so, noone will be alone.
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I was missing since Thursday night or so... I've been painting my apartment and then I moved myself and Spike to my grandfather's for a few nights because of the fumes... I'm back now though.
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