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911 HELP!!! Pupply limping!!!

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We are fostering a 3.5mo old puppy (through today, ironically). This puppy isn't a fan of adults (Which is why we had her for the weekend...for socialization reasons), but she LOOOVEESSS my kids and wants to be by them all the time.

I jumped in the shower just a bit ago and when I got out, I noticed this puppy was holding her hind leg when walking. She wasn't whining or anything, but just kind of seems afraid and is hiding/sleeping under an end table. When I went to look at her back leg, it didn't look physically different, but was really really floppy in comparison to the other. You know, like when you touch it...it isn't like she is using the muscle compared to the other.

I am TERRIFIED!!!! I have no idea what happened in that short time. When I asked my 3 year old, she just says, "I don't know". But, I am wondering if my daughter tripped and fell on her or had her on the couch (like she asked to earlier) and then rolled off on her or something while razzling around).

UGH. I am sick. My daughter is only 3, but she like easily 45pounds of girl compared to this small beagle puppy. And I know the dog gets easily riled up around my daughter because my daughter loves to play with her. I've noticed before, too, that my daughter has tripped over this dog when the dog gets underneath her feet when she is walking.

But this dog isn't whining, crying, whimpering. When I called the shelter, I was told not too worry about it since she isn't crying and it just recently happened.

WHAT?? Just recently happened and not to worry?? How can I not?? This puppy is scared to death of being inside to begin with (she seems much better outside) and just when she is starting to come out a bit with my kids, she gets hurt and runs and hides again.

HELP ME!!!! If a leg was broken or something, would this dog really be whining or not neccessarily?? She is sleeping now....nappy time, I guess. Would she even be sleeping if it were truly broken, as well??

I would prefer to wait until my husband gets out of work to take her back (she is due back today, anyway) since it is hard to take my 1 and 3 year olds, but if I need to take her back like NOW...I will do it....I am just worried that the shelter won't look at her right away because of what I was told on the phone.

I am sick over this. I know that any injury shouldn't be taken "lightly" and I am trying to do as instructed over the phone...but I am just wondering if this dog would be just snoozing and not whimpering, whining if something was truly wrong.
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If it's broken, she likely won't walk on it. Is it hot to the touch?

Take her outside where she's more relaxed & see how she moves.

I've got a small dog puppy. She gets stepped on occaisonally by the big dogs or a person. I usually watch her for 5 minutes & within that time frame she's walking on her leg normally. The one time she wasn't, I took her for x-rays & nothing was wrong.
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She isn't walking on that leg...she holds it up. I will try here in a bit outside...right now she has taken refuge under an end-table for a puppy-snooze!
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If she really isn't walking on it....it's possible she broke it. Call the shelter again. Tell them she refuses to walk on it & that she HAS to see a vet. (Some shelters will assume foster parents are over-reacting trying to be perfect)
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It didn't feel warm to touch, but when I tugged, she whined a tad..not much, but she did.

Would a 3 year old falling on her break her leg? I tried asking my daughter, but again....she says, "I don't know. She bumped into the food". So I am guessing something happened with her, but that my daughter is afraid to tell me or doesn't realize something happened.
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