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Question for the US ladies.

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So i bought my dress today, its a size 10 US, it also states a 38EUR size.

I read somewhere a few weeks ago that a member said anything up than a size 6 was fat I cant remember if it was on TCS or on another website.

But i have to ask ladies, is this true? I know that measurements go down to 0 over there, but i have never seen a woman down to a 0! smallest size was a 32 which would be a 4!

Need imput please.
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If you're talking anorexic fashion model whatnot, then most definitely yes.

If you're talking sane people who eat, realize that curves are beautiful, and know that hipbones that slice flesh are not healthy, then HECK NO!

Trust me, dear, that's nowhere NEAR fat. I'm between a size 4 and a size 6 most days, and noone in their right mind would even begin to think of me as chunky; one of my bestest friends in the whole world is a size 14 and she's positively GORGEOUS, and noone would describe her as chunky, either. You're fine. =)
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But that is the thing, over here there is nothing under size 6, and usually the girls who wear size 6 are the ones coming out of puberty.
This is why i am very confused because simply not even a top model is a size 0... I mean the girls who are on Top model over here are size 6 or 8

To me chubby means size 14 16 18..
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well, let me put it to you this way, in the US, on our Top model, the winner this year was a "plus size" model who wore a size 8-10. Whitney had a rocking body! We (meaning folks in the US) are a little overly obsessed with looking like a stick instead of a real woman. A size 10 is perfect, you know, like a perfect 10?
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I think I know what you're asking...

It's a psychological game that the clothing and fashion industry play with women's sizes.... Yes, there is size 0 clothing over here. But what does that mean? How can you be a nothing size?

Most "plus" sizes start at about 14 and on up.

The average size for a woman in the US is a 14.

And size is relative. Some of the plus sized fashion models in the US are just absolutely GORGEOUS and if you were to ask a man, for instance, what size is that woman, he wouldn't know..

That's why I think men's clothing sizing makes more sense -- by waist, neck, sleeve, pant length/inseam and there isn't all this BS going on....
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Look back to the 30s and 40s, in particular, the war era pin-up girls.
That is what the female form should look like, an hourglass, not a barbie doll.

6 is small in the US, 10-16 is average.
I'm not even remotely sure what my dress size is as I tend to go for stuff that is sized s/m/l/xl etc.
I wear a 1x
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Whoa! Fat sizes? No way!

Women come in a variety of heights and widths independent of whether or not they are fat. Some people's frames are just taller or shorter, narrower or wider.
(As another poster said, men don't know anything about women's clothing sizes.)

I wear a variety of sizes depending on the brand of clothing and how they size their clothes (3, 7, 8P). I wouldn't judge overweight or underweight based on the little number on the tag. The numbers here don't really reflect the proportions of a person. I really think sizes ought to be taken as some sort of measure of length or width... 24 inches 60 cm etc. just so that people understand what the different sizes mean. But size 10? I have no idea what that says about someone's circumference or height.
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In the modeling world and Hollywood a size 10 is fat. In the real world, a size 10 is normal. I'm a size 10 and everyone tells me I'm thin.
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
But i have to ask ladies, is this true? I know that measurements go down to 0 over there, but i have never seen a woman down to a 0! smallest size was a 32 which would be a 4!
I've seen plenty of 0s, these young women tend to have no hips or butt, and because of how anything under a 2 is made over here - they're also short.

I tend to wear 4 or a 3-4 (guess that would be a 3 1/2?), low rise though as normal style looks bad. I don't have much in the way of hips or butt and have to wear belts. But because of that I don't look very skinny since I don't have the hour glass shape to define my waist - and I agree, the proportional hour glass shape tends to look a lot more feminine.
Average I see around here for my age group is sizes 6-10.

How sizes look really varies too depending on one's height. A size 10 would be rather small if a woman was 5'8"+ but that same size on someone 5' or less would look larger - so saying that a size means a person is "fat" makes no sense.

And I agree. I wish mens and womans clothes were measured the same - instead of getting the very vague length labels for womens pants we could actually have the length listed.

I actually suspect the vague labeling for womens clothing is to keep up shopping longer and to force us to try things on, thus hopefully causing us to spend more....
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I find it somewhat irritating when people use only the number on the tag to determine what is "fat" and what isn't. In HS I wore a size 9 in jeans and weighed about 130 pounds. Everyone thought I was so much smaller because back then my legs were toned and I had nice abs and what not. Now I'm a 16-18 (and we won't go there with the weight) and I can honestly say I didn't feel fat or too big for my frame till I got uncomfortable in my size 14 pants. I'm 5'5" tall and I think for my build 135 looks healthy, but anything lower than that, I'd look sickly. I've still got people telling me I don't look like I weigh what I do even though I could stand to loose quite a bit. It's all in the build.

And dresses are different, especially when it comes to bridal gowns. When I got married I was about 145 pounds and wearing a 12-14, but needed a size 18 in my wedding gown.

Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
That's why I think men's clothing sizing makes more sense -- by waist, neck, sleeve, pant length/inseam and there isn't all this BS going on....
I agree with you there!
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I agree "It's a psychological game" women are encouraged to base there sense of self worth on their clothing size.

More important. Do you like this dress? Does it flatter you? Do you feel good wearing it?

No doubt you will look beautiful in this dress. Who cares what size it is?
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Fran, I think my wedding dress is around that size too. There is no way that is anything close to overweight. That is BULL!

You're hawt chica
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I'm 5'8" and when I got married I was about 130-132# (yes I weigh a bit more) and I had to have a size 14 wedding dress due to the cut of the dress and my broad shoulders. Wedding dress manufacturers seem to vary quite a bit in size. My lowest weight was about 123# AND I thought I looked a bit scrawny!! I'm about 159# would like to still drop about 15# but don't really worry about it too much.
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Fran, you can't even begin to compare the two measuring systems. They are not the same and size 0 is ridiculous. Even in my best days when I was an athlete the smallest size I ever wore was 3/4.

Size 10 is probably average over here for most women. That is not chubby at all. Please do not worry over something that is so trivial. Pencil thin models are unrealistic and are a health danger in themselves.
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I think they got the label wrong! A 38 EU is the same as a UK 10, not a US 10! That is small-to-medium size.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
I think they got the label wrong! A 38 EU is the same as a UK 10, not a US 10! That is small-to-medium size.
Jenny's right. Your size 38 equals US size 8.

However, size 8, size 10, either way neither size is anywhere near fat, and whoever told you that is deluded. Don't believe it for a second!
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In my younger days ie under 20 I was a skinney Zero to 2 ... Now I am about 20 lbs overwt and wear an 8-14 ave a 10-12 which is med to med/ large or ave ... note I am only 5 ft 2 or 62 .5 inches and have very broad shoulders ...
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I remember when I got my wedding dress 3 years ago, I was warned that wedding dresses are sized 1-2 size over what you would normally wear. Why? I have NO idea. I guess just to confuse us women who are already confused.

The bottom line is if you look good in it and FEEL good in it, who cares what the tag says! In the last 5 years I went from a size 6 to a size 12 in jean size (gotta love the late 30's and slow metabolism ) but, even though I can tell a big difference I still don't consider myself fat. Besides, a lot depends on the manufacture, the cut of the clothes, the material, etc. That's why I don't order any clothes out of a catalog except t-shirts and socks. Anything else has to be tried on.
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And to top it all off, expensive clothes run bigger (you wear a smaller size in them) than cheaper clothes.

You can be a gorgeous, healthy size zero or two in the U.S. You can also be a gorgeous, healthy larger size - it depends on many more factors than what a label says, don't you think?
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Whoever said that bieng over a size 6 is fat must have been blind. 10 is nowhere near fat. Everyones body is diffrent, I never really understood mine growing up, my best friend was a 0 or 2 and we didn't look diffrent atall-I'm a size 7 to 9 (US) but I finally figured out since we could share t-shirts and not jeans it was all in my thighs and bottom.....

&& I agree size changes with the brand. In this one specific store down here in my area I'm a 3-4 and in the rest im 7-9..

As long as you know your beautiful and love your body that's all that matters.
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Alright I didn't read all the replies yet because its late and I must go to bed, but I will tell you, Im a size 12, and I consider myself as more to love! Im not fat in anyway, and in fact Im a very pretty girl! My curves are what makes me beautiful, I am me, will not sculpt myself to anyone elses liking! I have been a size 0 before, I was anorexic and I looked terrible. Hon, You are no where no chubby or fat and need to learn that you're beautiful being just you! Dont conform for nobody, if you are happy with yourself than screw what other people think! In the US we have something called VANITY sizing, which is dumb. So our sizing varies greatly, if I go to a name brand store I can fit into an 6 or 8, I go into a store without vanity sizing and Im a 12!

Marlyn Monroe was a size 10, no one ever called her fat and she was fabulous!
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I wanted to add that in the US clothing sizes vary a lot. There are different categories of clothing which have different sizes, for example "Juniors" clothing is different than others (someone recently told me that an 11 in Juniors would be a 9 in 'regular' sizes!) Different manufacturers have different sizes. You could easily wear one size in one brand and wear 2-4 sizes larger or smaller in another brand! There is really no consistency.
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