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Need Rescue in Gilroy, CA

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Hi all.

Does anyone know of a rescue in the Gilroy, CA area?

An older lady took in two cats- one unneutered male who is now neutered and one abused unspayed female.
She plans to spay and keep the female, but the two cats mated and the female had a litter of 6. The kittens are just over 5 weeks old.

She lives on a fixed income, and is disabled. (She has one other adult cat.) She would prefer to find homes for the kittens, but cannot afford shots, spays/neuters for all. She is having a difficult time caring for the kittens due to her disabilities.

Please help.
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If I had a House I would take one. I used to go to Gilroy alot. She can try this one. Its in Morgan Hill which is very close to Gilroy. (http://www.towncats.org/) I wish I was allowed more then 4 Cats here.
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If you get stuck let me know. I'll be back on Sunday, and I can go down and collect them if need be early next week.

The shelter I volunteer at is very small, and has no kittens yet, but has many people coming in looking for kittens the only we've had so far went to a new home within a day of being up for adoption. The kittens would go in a foster home until 8 weeks old, then spayed/neutered, get their shots, then go up for adoption. They have good screening for potential adopters, and they would find good homes.
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Thank you for the replies! TCS really is an amazing community of cat people with incredibly big s!

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I wish I could help... but I don't know how I could.
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I hope it all works out and the kittens get to the shelter. Keep us posted.
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A happy ending! SarahP is incredibly awesome. She and her friend are fostering all 6 kittens! (She's posted photos in the Fur Pictures section.)
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