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Crazy weather

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Wow, this has been one strange day, weatherwise. Well actually we are used to "samples of weather", but today we have had it all. In the afternoon I looked out the window and thougt, what a warm sunny, springy day, just wonderful weather. 5 minutes later it started raining, and also haigling and snowing and sunny in between... After one sunny period, it really started snowing and snowing and snowing and now there is deep snow all over! This has been a very mild winter, hardly any snow, and now when I think spring is finally here... I guess I won´t be working in the garden this weekend!
Sesselja :tounge2:
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Its been just gloomy here all day. Damp, cold and grey. When its like this i just have no ambition to do much of anything.
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We made it to 74 today 40's tommorrow 30's Sunday!54 Thursday! That's NY in March & April
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Last weekend we had beautiful weather here in Southern MN, the high on Sunday was about 68 degrees and of course, I had to work all weekend. I took a couple of vacation days off from work this week, and the weather turned all cold and crappy for those figures!!!

What we really need here is some nice warm rain so we can get some of these :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:
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How can the flower's grow? The weather can not make up it;s mind what to do!Icky,I want sun,sun,sun!
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Originally posted by sherral46
We made it to 74 today 40's tommorrow 30's Sunday!54 Thursday! That's NY in March & April
That sounds like Cleveland. It was in the low 70's today. Tomorrow, in the low 30's and snow on Sunday. Spring here can be quite a trip.
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Weird is right! It is 31 here now, was in the 70's last week, and is supposed to get back up to the 60's by Wednesday. Parts of PA not too far from here got snow yesterday, but I guess I said the right prayers or wished hard enough that it missed us!

Anyone from the DC area know when the cherry blossoms are supposed to bloom this year? I would think it would be soon. I may have to drive down there to see them, it's only an hour and a half or so from here, and they are such pretty trees, especially when there are so many of them!
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I thought it was all done here too, but apparently not!
It was in the 70's and 60's last week, But it was snowing yesterday around 35 outside, and now it's 21 and not snowing, and tomorrow it's supppose to be in the 60's again.

What's this world coming to. :tounge2:
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I agree, the weather sure is was 95º on Saturday and today it's 40º.
The Spring Breakers here in Fla must be thrilled about that.
LOL! "Grab your parca, we're going surfing!"

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