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My two cats were totally contented with one another and life in general. But I wasn't done....I wanted a real cuddle buddy for myself

I was concerned about my cats getting along with another cat...didn't want to mess with my peaceful home.

I fell in with Rocko at the shelter. He is 8 years old. He definately turned out to be my cuddle buddy.

I knew he would be a good choice because he was loved by all the shelter staff and had been living in their cat community with other cats for a few months (so I knew he could get along with different personalites).

I didn't even do a slow introduction with the other cats (I know not the best idea usually) I just had a feeling it would be okay. All my cats are pretty easy going (my cat sitter says they are a very amiable bunch! )

Fiona (she is close to 3 yrs old.) will slap him around showing her dominace and she screams at him from time to time (but thats just because she is smaller and needs to make her voice loud to compensate for her smaller size ), but they play and i've caught them giving little licks like they are grooming each other They eat side by side too!

And Ree-Ree (he is 1 yr. 3 mnths old) him! From the very first day...he follows him around and they sleep together, they are like brothers

Rocko is very patient and tolerant and easy going....If you have two dominant personalities (like I had) maybe getting a cat that is laid back and not so dominant(i got lucky that they got along though) is a good idea.....I agree with others that an older cat is a good idea. Find out from the shelter what his/her personality is like....go from there.
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I hadn't planned on 3. I got Anastasia as a buddy for Demetri, and Farley just came along with her Now I'm waiting on another kitten, to even up the number to 4.

Farley came on trial, and I don't regret having him (or the others) they all get along so well and are together most of the time. I love the way they cuddle up to sleep together.
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My main thought was that we had one cat (Trent) who loved to play and tormented Ophelia who didn’t. Being a boy, he never got it through his thick kitty scull that hissing means she doesn’t want to play. Ginger came to our home sight-unseen from a TCS member who couldn’t find a home for her in Ohio (which is odd, because almost everyone who meets her wants to take her home!) as a playmate for Trent. It took about a year but that has worked out very well.

Mojo wasn’t planned. We went to Petsmart to get food, we looked at the kitties up for adoption and my husband fell in love. The feeling was mutual. So Mojo came home.

Annie is a rescue from up in the middle of a National Forest. No idea how she got to be there. We’re in the midst of introductions to the rest of the crew, so it’s still up to the other cats if she stays for good or not. She’s SO snuggly, I hope Ophelia especially accepts her because it would be great for both of them to have a snuggle-buddy.
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I've always thought two was the ideal number of cats (though I dearly love all 5 of them!).

I started out with two, then ended up with two more when a stray had 5 kittens under my porch & I could only find homes for 3 of them before I got attached to the last two. The next addition was feral who showed up & I started feeding her, then got her spayed. She's not indoors with the rest, but she is still an additional commitment (she's about 13 years old now), and I've had to move her along with me when I've moved since she's become dependent on me. After the first cat died, I got married & my husband's cat was integrated into the bunch, making a total of 5 cats (4 indoors).

For me, aside from the finances issue (things can get VERY expensive when the cats all get old), I've found there are some other things to consider:

Space - how many cats can peacefully share the available territory without fighting or urine marking breaking out? Different cats have different personal space needs. I had trouble for a while with my younger cats picking on the oldest one. I also had trouble for a while with one cat peeing on the bed out of stress. Things are peaceful now, thankfully.

Health - the more cats you have, the more difficult it can be to determine which cat is vomiting, producing more or less urine, having bladder issues, diarrhea, drinking excessively, not eating enough, etc. If some cats need to be on a different diet, it can be a challenge. It can also be difficult if you have to medicate multiple cats.

Time - Do you have enough time every day to meet not only the daily demands of caring for and cleaning up after multiple cats, but also the time to give each pet some individual attention and play time?

Travel - if you travel, do you have someone reliable to care for the cats? Are they willing to clean up after them and medicate them if needed? Or would you need to board them? Do you have a place in your area that is good with boarding cats?

Circumstances change, and if you find yourself caring for children or with less free time available for any other reason, will you still have enough time and energy for the cats? Cats can live to be 20+ years old now, so it's a big commitment, and worth taking the time to think about.

I love all of my cats dearly, and they have all brought immeasurable joy into my life. But, I do want to share some things I've learned that I think might be helpful to know about when considering new additions .
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I got a second one to keep the first one company and they didn't get along so I got a third. Everything worked out great. Then I went to Best Friends to volunteer for a week and I found a 4th. The first two still don't get along but all is well with the others. I don't know if i would go out and seek another one. It just seems when you are a cat lover, one always ends up on your doorstep needing a home or you find one dumped on the road somewhere or someone is about to shoot one for some stupid reason and you cant stand the thought so you take it. I can't afford a 5th but will probably end up with one just for the reasons I mentioned above.
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I have three cats. It started as one. My boyfriend got my first cat ever, gaz. Each year I have gotten another cat, and I got a ferrett too. "Just one more wont hurt". lol. Its always hard getting cats aquainted, especially if one was the only kitty for a while. But my third one ajusted quickly. Gaz still doesnt like the younger cat Cloud too much, but they will tolerate each other enough to act civil.
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All of mine were rescues in immediate danger.
The janitor where I worked wanted to see if a kitten could be flushed down a toilet, so I took Scooter from him.
Pepper had been hit in the road and left to die, when she was just stunned and barely injured.
Pearl was removed from an abusive home.
My SO rescued Fluffy, she had been dropped in his job parking lot, about 10 feet off of a major highway, on Christmas Eve. He sat for several hours outside with her inside his jacket because he could not take her inside the tattoo shop, due to health regs. She has been peeking in the window and tapping on the glass with her paw. She ran right up to him, jumped in his lap, and wiggled into his jacket and his heart. He called me to come get her, and she has been with us for almost 3 years.
Fred, the old kitty on the far right of my siggy was my first cat, and he was with me for 18 years. We rescued him from a tree on Thanksgiving weekend by bribing him with turkey.
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I saw how well Rosie and Sophie got on with each other, then started thinking how they would be should one of them die, because i've read so many threads here about cats grieving when they were the only ones left So that's when i thought about getting my 3rd (Jack) and i don't regret a single minute
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I was happy with one, Mary but I felt she needed a playmate because she was kind of needy as far as needing attention. Plus she was so physical. So we added Olivier. They played and fought and played and fought but they loved each other. Mary was about one and he was 9 months. But then we had to put him to sleep. So I grieved for 6 months. On a whim around Christmas I went to the cat shelter. There in a cage were the kittens who were so cute they were used as a photo on their website. The photo is still there. I saw Seldon first and I saw that he and Cleo were laying together. I wanted a boy so I brought two home.
Of course then I found the kittens under the porch and added two more.
5 cats and that is my limit. I physically can't do it.
My house is big enough that all of the cats can go off some where and be alone if they want. I have a room just for the cats but everything is going good so why mess with it. I think Mary would get fed up. My cats are all under 3 and will grow old together.
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