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For those who have 3+ cats..

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Hey guys!
For those of you who have 3+ cats, what went into your decision to add more kitties than two? My boyfriend and I are trying to decide if we should add another, but.. what to consider? =D

Finances are not an issue. ^_^
Have any of you regretted getting the 3rd, 4th, etc?
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I've regretted it lots of times....the more cats you add the more chances for arguments between them. (which I have)

What went into it? Most were going to be euthanized if I didn't take them.
Bea (She's only a foster)
RB Damita
Dorian would've been sent to a farm because he was a bit sickly, or euthanized
Ophelia Rose....man she would've been killed if she ended up at the shelter
PJ & Punky (they're fosters waiting to travel to a TCS member)
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Originally Posted by Fiery View Post
Hey guys!
For those of you who have 3+ cats, what went into your decision to add more kitties than two? My boyfriend and I are trying to decide if we should add another, but.. what to consider? =D

Finances are not an issue. ^_^
Have any of you regretted getting the 3rd, 4th, etc?
our main thoughts were costs and how would the others take too it, all our cats are nosey and love new cats...other cats weve had have been really bad with chafge its down too personalities really
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Well, I know Toby won't like it.. or maybe he will. He didn't like Trina, but she was 10 months old.. Trin, on the other hand, will love it; she's mothered tons of kittens that we've fostered and comes running whenever she hears baby kittens crying on TV. It's really bizarre.

Blah! I don't know what to do. =(
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Well, we didn't exactly decide we were going to get a third cat! We had Enzo then got him a friend, Leya. And about 6 months later I went to my granny's farm and found a gross little kitten someone had dropped off. He was dirty, had ticks all over, and was VERY under feed. It looked like someone litterally dropped him out the window as they drove by. He had a knot in his back and was hurting from it.

So, now we have Stuart! I wasn't planning to keep him, but my boyfriend said, "but we could keep him here!"

I should add, my SO keeps asking me "should we get another one?!"
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Oh go ahead and give in. You have the finances to care for them and if there are issues you can always work through them. I have 5 now. Never ever thought I would have 5. Ever.
But like you finances are not an issue so I figure why not? You can take the intros very slowly and pick cats with good dispositions.
The two newest kittens are learning socialization from me so I do a load of cudddles, petting, stroking and carrying in my arms.
I personally prefer to bring in cats younger than the resident cats as they are less threatening. Mary would not tolerate another adult.

Maybe get a playmate for the little one so that they won't irritate the older one so much.
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Trina is a kitten herself pretty much. Three and a half years old and she goes TEARING after a ball I throw her and terrorizes poor Toby half the time. I think she'd be thrilled to have another kitten around.
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Originally Posted by Fiery View Post
Hey guys!
For those of you who have 3+ cats, what went into your decision to add more kitties than two? My boyfriend and I are trying to decide if we should add another, but.. what to consider? =D

Finances are not an issue. ^_^
Have any of you regretted getting the 3rd, 4th, etc?
Ginger was lonely as a 1 year old, having been an only kitten since 8 weeks old, so I got Ferris as a friend for her.

But Ginger didn't like 12 week old Ferris, she only tolerated him. And Ferris was lonely after being rejected and scorned by Ginger, so I got 2 year old Penny as a friend for Ferris (and because I had always wanted a Bengal, and as a retired breeder, she was affordable for me to adopt.)

So then I had three, and they were learning to get along, and Ferris was happier because Penny would play with him, and Ginger was happier because Ferris was leaving her alone.

And then 8 month old Max, Penny's nephew, became available for adoption last fall, and I just had to have him. So Max came to live with us, and strangely enough, it turned out that fickle little attitudie-tortie Ginger likes to play with Max very much.

And Max likes to play with Ferris and Penny, too. So now no one is lonely, they are all getting along fantastically, and having my two boys and my two girls, all under the age of three, is a joy I had never dreamed I would experience.

4 is way better than 1, 2, and 3.
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I got Oreo because she has Fcks and no one would want a cat with problems. Sasha I got because she would have gone to the pound. I am getting a pure bred soon. i have 4 Cats now. I am lucky all mine get along. Oreo became very good friends with Coco. She tried to Nurse on Coco when we got her. We went to San Francisco for Sasha and Daly City for Oreo. I had no idea my Stormy for die 2 weeks after we got Oreo from Kidney problems at age 5.
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I think more than anything, Trina needs a cuddle-buddy for when my boyfriend and I are not around. She tries SO HARD to cuddle with Toby, but unless he's passed out, he bats at her, growls, and gets up and leaves.

SOMETIMES he'll put up with her.. Not often though.

Think an outgoing, loving kitten would change that?
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I would get another Cat for her. I have always had more then 1 Cat. My Brother has 6 Cats but his Cats do not get along.
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Our third cat. Pru, was not planned, she showed up in our backyard and needed a home. Actually Sam wasn't planned either, hmmm. I love all three but after going over that hump of having three cats, I worry that I'm on a slippery slope, but I worry even more that another cat will turn up in our backyard.
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Gah! I want another itty bitty kitty so bad!

My only other concern is the apartment complex. They only allow two cats per apartment.. However, either my Aunt or my Dad would be willing to take them if it were ever discovered, so they would be safe and loved either way. Hmm. Stupid complications!
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My biggest concern in adding more is the issue of how well they will all get along. I *hate* it when one cat beats up on another. Fortunately my 4 get along well. Toby is a bit of a bully with Zara but that isn't really a big problem.

To answer your question though, I got #3 (Coco) in the hope that she would help Toby burn off some energy in ways other than picking on Zara. Didn't work. Toby is a wimp and won't mess with Coco cuz she beats him up if he gets too rough. Zara won't fight back so he still picks on her.

I got Jeta just cuz I figured I could handle a fourth and she needed a home. I made sure though that she was known to get along with other cats. That is a big advantage of adopting an adult, their temperament can be known before hand. Toby won't pick on her either cuz she fights back also. He is such a bully!
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Originally Posted by Fiery View Post
Gah! I want another itty bitty kitty so bad!

My only other concern is the apartment complex. They only allow two cats per apartment.. However, either my Aunt or my Dad would be willing to take them if it were ever discovered, so they would be safe and loved either way. Hmm. Stupid complications!
Please consider adopting an adult. They are only itty bitty for the blink of an eye and adults are much harder to place than kittens.
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As a soon to be 3rd cat owner (next spring), here's my reasons (which are probably the exception to most).

We got Charlie (DH picked him out) because we lost our 15 1/2 yr old rex and had Ling at a show in HHP - and DH fell in love with the Ocicat. We were originally considering another rex.

Anyway, Ling hated Charlie for months. She still doesn't totally like him - would rather play with the dog. So poor Charlie has no other cat to really play with - just pester Ling......

So since I wanted another Oci for Charlie to play with, we put in an order for a kitten. Hopefully the 2 boys will leave Ling alone and play chase/wrestling, etc with each other.

That's our reason for adding a 3rd cat (we will have 3 cats/1 dog)
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I did not have much of a choice the first we took in was preggers.. so we kept them all.
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Oh man, I want to adopt an older kitty! It breaks my heart every time I look at the local shelters' webpages.. however, it has to be a kitten this time. Toby was mad enough when we brought home Trina, who was ten months old.

I don't regret it for a moment, considering I probably saved her life, as well as her sons and daughters(she came knocked up) and the countless others that the byb would have produced from her, but this time it has to be a kitten for Toby's peace of mind.
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I don't know about a kitten, I would worry it would be far too energetic & really annoy Toby.

I think whether you go for kitten or adult, Toby will hate the newbie. I think with a younger adult, though....that you would have less "annoying" factor which might help Toby. (That & he's now been through adding a new kitty)
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I'm of the opinion it would entertain and keep Trina quite busy! Hmm.. I'll have to think on it some.
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Well Isaac was the 3rd and it was sort of a spur of the moment decision. He was so cute & the only on left from his litter and well you can guess the rest. Maggie and I bonded when she was very young. There was just something about her and she responded to me in a differnt way than she did the rest of the volunteers.

I would never give any of them up, the only regret I have is not thinking more about Isaac's personality. He can be a bit of a bully, and does pick on Levi regularly. So the fact that Levi gets picked on and now has some small notches out of his ears is my only regret.
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My folks adopted Sassy as a companion for Dylan; I adopted Pearl as a companion for Clyde. Then it became clear that Clyde's mom, Abby, was too fearful to be adoptable, so my Mom took her in as a foster, to work with her. Although Abby has improved drastically, she's still not considered adoptable, and we couldn't bear to see her go back into a cage, so my folks kept her, and she was my father's roommate and "girlfriend," as he called her, for years.

Then I moved in with my folks, and suddenly instead of one two-cat household and one three-cat household, we had a single FIVE-cat household. No mas, we said (in the immortal words of Roberto Duran).

Then somebody threw a six-week-old orange tabby out of a car and Mom and I were at the shelter when he needed a foster, so he came home with us. But he turned out to be the most beautiful, gentle, intelligent, and loving little guy in the world, and there was no way to give that little sweetheart back. So now with St. John, we're a SIX-cat household.

Do we regret it? Not in the sense that we would ever think of undoing it, no! Each and every cat is a special treasure in his or her own way, and our lives would not be complete without all of them.

But having six cats is a huge logistical problem (in addition to involving a lot of work and a lot of expense). It forces us to stay in this house, even though we might be better off selling it and moving into an apartment. If that becomes financially necessary, which it easily could, then I guess all we can do is lie lie lie and hope they just don't notice that we have three times the upper limit on cats.

We never imagined that our households would join up permanently. If we had, we'd have at least kept it down to two cats each, for a total of four. But then we wouldn't have Abby or St. John, and what would we do without them?

Unless you're sure you'll always be able to afford a house of your own, you probably ought to stick with two cats... or maaaaaybe three, if you think you can negotiate landlords up to that.

Good luck!
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I have 5 cats, and I've decided that I am at my personal limit. Finances are a partial consideration, but mostly it is that I don't have time to take care of any more animals. I have to make a conscious effort right now to make sure they all get individual attention, regular grooming, playtime, etc. I think, at this point, adopting any more cats would be to the detriment of my current cats. However, I also have a dog and reptiles who also need attention (not to mention my human kids), and if I didn't have them I might think about more cats.

Also, as the previous poster noted, it is much more difficult to move when you have more than a couple of pets. Options for rentals are limited, and when you can find them you sometimes have to pay $$$$$$$ for damage deposits, etc. We've thought about selling our current place and renting for awhile, but I don't think we could find anyplace that would take all of our pets.

For the most part our cats get along fine. Delilah has been here the longest, and she has a really hard time accepting adult cats, so we adopted all the other 4 as kittens just for that reason. Don't be surprised if even your friendlier cat isn't crazy about a new addition at first - mine all threw a fit for several days, then they settle down and get to know each other.

Good luck with your decision!
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Trina will be wary at first, but it'll go the way of the other kittens; after two days, she'll be torn between cleaning them and caring for them and being annoyed that they're in her space! =D

With two, it's easy to give them both individual time, but... I dunno about three! Ahhh! =( I hope I figure this out.
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We had 3 cats when i was in my early teens because well I had 2 and then when my Mom and Step-Dad got married, he already had Tiger.

Now at my Mom's they have 3 again because it just seemed to happen. My last kitty passed away and they eventually got lonely for another so they adopted Pumpkin. When we were getting him we saw Bunny and I fell in love with her. She stayed at my parent's to be Pumpkins "surrogate" mommy we called her. And then Olivia came when my Aunt couldn't find anyone else to take her. So I guess it just happened for them.

We adopted 2 so they'd have each other. (Besides, they were the last 2 of their litter left!) Sometimes I think I'd like more kitties, but things are so settled with my girls as it is now. But then I see for my Mom's where bringing Olivia in gave Pumpkin a more active playmate, which gave Bunny a break from his antics.
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had 2, was happy... added Cable [foundling], that was ok - turned out great since Mouse left us 3 month later but that way Pixel wasn't left alone [she & Mouse were littermates & had never been apart].
added Java [another foundling] & that was great, too - Cable had a kitten to play with & Pixel to snuggle with.
chose to add Chip - i wanted a male, & was still missing my lovey Mouse - he was a great addition [even w/the occasional inappropriate toileting issues].
added Firefox - was intended as a foster [nursed back to health] but no one ever seemed to want her.
not even LOOKING at any more! i'm at my financial & litterbox limit!
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I haven't actually decided to get a cat since I got Sheba in 1989. The others all just happened to me.

Sheba probably would have preferred to remain an only cat. She didn't play well with others. But then Gypsy showed up as a feral stray in the dead of winter. I earned her trust, caught her and got her vetted, and she stayed. Then I fostered Gracie from the SPCA and she had the kind of personality that probably would have gotten her euthanized, so she stayed.

Fast forward a few years, and Sheba has since passed on, and the very day that my husband and I were talking about maybe adding another cat, we found feral kittens living under my neighbors' porch. We caught two of them, and they're now our Pippin and Fergus. (The others and mamacat sadly escaped capture, and haven't been seen in weeks.)

But that's the reason I didn't actively look for another cat after Sheba died. I knew that at some point, a cat (or cats) who needed us would come along.
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When we had Willow, she was a terror. It was like the classic Tortitude, but magnified. She hated people outside of our family, and would attack them (stalking them and then slicing at them if they tried to touch her). She was just terrible, and she had a real reputation amongst friends and on the internet. When we got Buffy, it was because she was a 4 week old orphan who had lost her mom and siblings the day before at the vet hospital, and we were asked if we wanted to adopt her. Willow was 2 years old at the time, and we were initially afraid at how she would respond to this screaming black intruder. We kept them separate for the first week, but after the first few days of Willow showing FEAR and uneasiness (but at the same time, curiousity) about this kitten, we decided Willow wouldn't be a problem. It was proved when we'd let both cats roam, and Willow would be following the kitten, but when the kitten would turn around, Willow would turn tail and run in the opposite direction. After a week, Willow finally made the first move towards friendship (scaring Buffy in the process, as Buffy was eating a cheesie in a basket and her tail was hanging over the edge, and she didn't notice Willow's big paw playing with the tail until her eyes caugh a glimpse). From that moment on, though, they were fast friends, and Willow became Buffy's surrogate momma, minus the milk. She raised her like her own for the next 8 or 9 months, and I think it's because of Willow that Buffy grew up so well-rounded. She is a little quirky, but that's to be expected, being Willow's "baby." Willow, in reward for taking care of Buffy, gained security and companionship, and is now a calm, laidback little girl who no longer cares if strangers come into the house. It's wonderful!

We got Molly when my sister found her stuck in a tree, and when we fell in love (at first sight) and nobody called to claim her, we kept her. I still can't understand why anyone would just ditch her; she was 5 months old (thereabouts) and was so gentle and well-mannered, that someone HAD to have owned her. The only reason I can think of for her abandonment was her bowel issues: for a year, while being fed kibble, her poops were NASTY; runny and sometimes bloody, and the smell would melt steel. When I finally got fed up of trying different foods, I decided to take the plunge and try RAW for the first time, and voila, that was the magic answer. She's now as normal and stink-free as the next cat, lol, but she can be a real bear when it comes to waiting for me to serve up her food.
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i wasn't planning on getting anymore kitty's, after Sparkle & Glamorous. although, i've alway's wanted a Bengal, sooo i looked into getting one some more, then i went to see a local breeder, who had a litter of kitten's available soon. as soon as i saw the kitten's, i fell straight in love with them! sooo, a few week's later i got Izzy!

a couple of month's passed, then i started looking into getting a fourth kitty. i searched, then i came across Sassy, i rescued her from somebody who had 11 dog's.

i havn't regretted getting any of my kitty's!
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My parents have had 3 cats at various points. Mostly it was because Mom is a soft touch (can't bear to separate littermates, fell in love with a rescue and didn't want to drop him or her off at the shelter, etc.). But the last period when my parents had three, my grandmother was responsible. Lucky wandered into our yard starving, covered with fleas, and suffering from a URI. We cleaned her up, and my grandmother insisted on taking her to the Humane Society but had a change of heart once she got into the parking lot. She said it was because my brother (who went with her) was giving her dirty looks, but I knew -- she had a soft spot for that little calico. That was August 1992, and Miles, Taffy and Lucky coexisted peacefully until Miles crossed the Bridge in May 2004 at the ripe old age of 15.
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