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Keeping the House Smelling Nice. . .

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We just had our first prospective kitten buyers over on Sunday. We were happy to let them play with all of our breeding females and neutered boys and promised to let them know when their favorite girl would have her first litter.

They commented that our house was the only one they had been to that did not stink of cats. We use World's Best Cat Litter, frequently clean our carpets with shampoo designed for pets, and have an arsenal of other cleaning products for "accidents." I'm just curious to hear what other people use to keep their house from smelling like a litter box
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We also use WBCL and honestly don't have odour issues. Consistent scooping helps as well.
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I've been in very few breeders houses that didn't smell like a tom cat at some point. And I've complimented them on it. With the newer types of litter (not clay) you will have less odor. Better yet is owning a male that DOESN'T spray

I would say if the males spray, daily cleaning of their pen and frequent scooping of the pan will work fine
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A product called Nilliam...which is highly concentrated works wonders. I think it's made by Zep...but not sure. We use it at our doggy daycare...and you only need a capful per mop bucket. Works well for hand wood surfices and I think they also make a carper cleaner. Vingar is also great for taking out urine smells in carpeting and on soft surfaces as well as hard. After it dries (which can take a long while) you sprinkle baking soda over the pet mess area and it ads another dash of smell fighting power. Simple and cheap...and IMO works better than natures miracle and other "enzyme" cleaners.
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I use cheap clumping litter (that I know of experience is just as good as the most expensive types) to all cats but spraying males. They have silica gel litter (expensive but worth the money) which reduce the smell to absolutely nothing. Since spraying males are confined in their own room here they usually calm down and don't spray much. They only spray when they're out saying hello to the rest of us (with pants on) and yes, then they will smell, but the smell goes away the second the pants are taken off and washed.
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I use a good clumping litter, scoup twice a day and sprinkle the litter with this litter freshener, plus i have a little boy who squats in the box
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I also use a good clumping litter and scoop at least 3 maybe 4 times a day and use a litter freshener!! Scooping is the name of the game, to me, of course, to keep odor from occurring!!
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I use Dr Elsys litter and my house smells fresh. I air out my house often too.
When Cleo was having pee problems and sprayed(he is neutered but still did it)I was on top of it immediately. Vinegar, Baking soda and Peroxide seem to work. I use the enzymes for the stain but the above for the smell.
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I've tried many many types of litter as well as an automatic cleaning litterbox, and there was always still some smell...and that was from a single spayed female! My cat Sneakers for some reason has always had a problem with smelly litterboxes and produces a lot of urine (no health related reasons). The only way I could find to stop the smell was to clean the box completely out (dump the litter totally, wash and refill) multiple times a week... I tried World's Best litter, Feline Pine, Nature's Miracle litter, and many other types. The only litter that really helped was Tidy Cat crystals, but I still had to change it very often... We have three cats now but Sneakers is the main 'odor offender' still. We recently got a Breeze litterbox and it has helped a lot. I haven't had to change the litter much, just the pad underneath which I do have to change more frequently than the package recommends but it does contain the smell! The only time we had a smelly room was when she had some tummy trouble and had an "accident" on the side of the box.
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I use Fresh Step scoopable litter and there is no cat smell. It gets scooped maybe 5 times a day (whenever there looks like somebody's been in it). Keeping the windows and doors open a little every day helps get a clean smell in the house. Haven't figured out how to avoid the wet cat food smell...
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I just bought a fan for the window where I keep the 2 litter boxes. I am pulling the room air out....the neighbor gets to smell it.....she is a witch to her kids and I get to smell her smoke when she sits out every night smoking.
Plus, scooping 2 to 3 times per day, and using litter fresh stuff. So far so good.

I hope this works during the summer heat!
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