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Clingy Cat

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Recently we adopted a new cat. Her name is Squeaky and she was about a year old when we got her. Before coming to live with us, she was in a foster home. We already had five cats, so she is the sixth.

Squeaky follows me everywhere, and gets on my lap as often as possible. When I sleep, she wants to sleep right on top of me on my legs or on my body. I like to have cats on my bed, but I don't like her weighing me down.

Squeaky is always first to the food, but that's not a problem because I feed plenty. When we play with cats, Squeaky snatches the toy right away so the other cats can't play with it. We actually have to put her in a carrier so our other cats get a chance to play.

I have always made a point of petting all the cats every day and giving them each some personal time. Now, whenever Squeaky sees that I am petting cats, she pushes the other cat off my lap and expects me to pet her.

Is she clingy or is she pushy? Is there any way I can keep her from being constantly on me without seeming rejecting? How can I teach her to share with the other cats?
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She sees you as the Alpha Cat. She also knows that you are the protector. She will find her place in the new cat world but is probably pretty stressed and you are her comfort. Try giving her play time with you and one other cat, maybe one that is pretty mellow and accepting of other cats, and see if you can forge a bond with them together. You might have to play around with the mix to get the right pairing. Once she understands she has a buddy in the cat group she should get more confident. It can be a process but it works more often than not. She may slide back on occasion, but consistant reaction by you will help. Good luck.
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