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These are my babies waking up from nap time.

This is Cloud. Hes the youngest. His intrests include chasing ice cubes around the kitchen, chasing cheap laser pointers, and cuddling as soon as you lay down. He doesnt like being held that much, but he loves some petting.

These are the older cats. Gaz, the girl, is on the left and the other boy cat Buddy is on the right. As soon as I started taking cute pictures of them cloud came over. LOL
Gaz used to fetch, but doesnt anymore. She loves laser pointers as well, and loves to play with fishing pole toys, and she will come to you when you whistle. Buddy was rescued from the pound. He lived in a small little cage for the first four months of his life. Hes very sweet, but very easily scared.

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Wow your cats are beautiful! Love how they are all black & white!! That is precious
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Awww, they're all adorable!
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aww thank you! all of your kitties are precious too!!!!
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I love all the black and white!
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I always say they love to wear their formal fur!! HEHE! Cloud is slightly different than the two tuxedos.
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How sweet to have those beautiful black and white kitties all around you
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