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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

All things aside, I have to say that the first movie my parents ever rented was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I've watched that movie over and over and over, so I like to qualify my self as a big fan of the series.

One must remember a few things before going into any Indiana Jones movie:
1. They are based of 1950's adventure comic books. So, you'll see a ton of action, and it all may not make a ton of sense.

2. Whomever the US Government found as a threat at the time is the direct enemy of Indiana Jones. This explains the Nazis, and in the most recent episode the Communists.
********** Spoiler Alert *******************

Over all the movie pace is frantic. It was one chase scene bleeding into a quick dialog scene, bleeding into a fight. In other words pee before you go into the movie, because there really isn't a break to do so in the middle. The plot is goofy. Indiana must return a crystal skull because it talked to him. However, if one looks at the other films this plot sort of fits right in. He's already found: The Arc of the Covenant, The Holy Grail, and some weird stone that had diamonds in it. The only complaint I have about this is the aliens. I mean, Indiana was able to find other major artifacts and use their powers for good, but discovering aliens in Mayan ruins is a stretch even for this series.

Over all it's worth seeing in the theaters if you LOVED the series. If you didn't wait for the rental. The special effects will translate well to TV, and you won't have to put up with the sticky floors.

As a side note to all of this here's a list of movies I plan on seeing this summer: Hamlet 2, Wall E, and possibly Hancock. We shall see if my Indy theater has anything else fun coming out as well.
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I've always been a HUGE Indy fan!

I loved this movie. However, it was lacking a bit in the character developments, and some of the humorous dialog I'm used to from Indy. I also am not sure I care for the extra CGI effects in this movie. The plot was a little thin as well, but overall interesting. It was non-stop action which is a bit much for me, but having said all that...

I was more pleased than disappointed and I'm very glad they finally came out with another movie!

I really hope they quit while they are ahead though. I don't want to see a continuation of the movies featuring the kid and an "old" Indy. That would just ruin it.
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Want to see it. Haven't yet.

Watched #1 and #3 with the kids, to make sure they'd like it. We haven't watched #2 with them yet, because (as dh told them) there's some serious "ick" factor parts. And I had forgotten it was because of #2
the PG-13 rating was born.

My 14 year old really wants to see it. And not just because Shia LeBeouf is in it (big fan of him from Holes and Phil of the Future).

I too would hate to see it turn into a "young" Indy and an "old" Indy. Or even worse- have Harrison Ford retire and just have the "young" Indy continue the series. Shia LeBouf is a really good actor. But I think it would ruin the whole series to make him the "next" Indiana Jones.
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I enjoyed it but it lacked the magic for me. Should have left it at the first three. I LOVED them and have seen them, oh at least a billion times
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i enjoyed the movie.
third one IMO was best
the first one was second
this one is third.
Temple of Doom, was good, but was to over the top and silly
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Oh, I disagree! I love Shia LeBeouf, and I think he has the makings of a great Indy for the future! Nobody could ever be Harrison Ford, of course -- but that kid seems fully capable of building a new character that could also have great value.

It's not likely that anything will ever approach the impact of the first Indiana Jones movie, because it was new and fresh and so different from anything we'd ever seen before -- but if they can go on making movies of that wonderful style, even if they're only half so powerful... that's still pretty darn good!

(By the way -- "Temple of Doom" is the very least of the Indies, in my opinion, and contains elements that keep me from really ever needing to see it again... you have seen the other two early ones, right? Vastly superior!)

Anyway -- yes, I would have liked more dialog, but when Indy did talk, he was just as curmudgeonly and grudgingly sentimental and smart-alecky as ever... my kinda guy, what can I say?

And I was blown away by Cate Blanchett. Is there nothing this woman can't do?

I buy into the alien thing a little more easily because it's true that there are elements in ancient cultures, especially down there around the Nazca Plain, that generate questions about the possibility of long-ago alien visitations. It's the sort of thing Indy would certainly have been intrigued by, as an archaeologist... so it's really not too far afield.

Anyway, two hours with Harrison Ford! How good is that?
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