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He does not like the neighbors dog!

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Yesterday it was hot here, so I had the front door open. My neighbors have a black lab puppy, probably around 8-9 months old. He's cute & curious as puppies are. He has discovered that inside my screen door are small creatures (AKA the cats). Yesterday he was just staring at them. He I did not see him make any kind of aggresive move, and he was on the other side of the screen door. Saturday night is when he discovered Levi. Levi hissed at him. He didn't move so Levi smacked at him through the screen. Well yesterday he came face to face with Jordan. I was a little afraid because Jordan is very dog aggresive at the vets office. Well yesterday they were just sniffing each other until Levi came along. Levi did the same hiss & smack which prompted Jordan to hiss. I think it scared the puppy, but as he was walking away Isaac & Maggie started coming to the door too. It is obvious to me that Levi does not like this little puppy. He has met a differnt smaller dog before (a rat terrior I believe). He did his, but no swating at the dog. I am very supprised by his level of agression towards this dog. I'm curious if I need to stop him from being aggresive through the screen. I would like to have a dog some day, and I just don't want him to get so worked up about dogs that I can never have one.
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If a cat has had a past bad experience with dogs, they sometimes never accept them. My first cat probably had dogs chase him - he didnt' like any size dog. It was probably about 5-6 yrs before we had a dog in the house.

Luckily Mitten accepted the dog (sheltie) but when we adopted her, we told them that it depended on if the CAT accepted the dog or not
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I should add that when Levi & Jordan were kittens (4-5 Months old) they did live with a black lab. I knew Jake (the dog the lived with) and he was the most paitent dog around. He would never have chased a kitty. He was older and just laid around letting the kittens climb all over him and nip at him. That was almost 5 years ago.
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Stimpy was very good with dogs, until my DH's aunt's dalmation tried to eat him while we were visiting my in-laws. The dog actually chased him partway up a wall (we were not expecting the dog at the stairwell door and Stimpy jumped out of Mike's arms and ran for his life). I could rant all day on that dog's bad behavior. If the owner actually recognized the bad behavior it would be a "red zone" case for Cesar Milan. Not just because of small animals, I cringe at what it does around toddlers. And the behavior is rewarded!

Now Stimpy gets pretty upset when loose dogs are nearby. The terrible thing is, he was really good with dogs. He loved dogs. So now I'm unsure if we'll be able to get a dog while we have this group of cats.
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