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Poor Chynna!

I've been on a quest to get her to eat so that she can gain back some of the weight that she's lost.

Since she had her dental surgery in early April, she hasn't been eating full servings at her meals. So I have been giving her oodles of "snacks" throughout the day in order to get her to eat the equivalent of what she would get in 2 meals. This means that I'm always sticking a plate of food under her nose.

I find that if I catch her sleeping and put a plate of food by her she will eat, so I do that frequently.

I just tried to give her breakfast. She ran from me!

I have a partial wall dividing my kitchen from my living room, with 2 entrances to the kitchen. One through a sliding door from the hallway area of my living room, and the other from a large opening just off of the living room/dining room. So basically you can walk around in a circle.

I wish I had someone with a video camera!

I walked towards Chynna with the plate. She saw me coming and ran around the wall the other way. I turned back to head her off at the pass and I saw her peeking around the corner. When she saw me coming her way, she turned around to go back the other way and peeked at me from behind via the door! I turned around to try and give her the plate there, but she ran off in the other direction! I put the plate on her placemat and came to the computer, hehe

I guess she isn't hungry!!!