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Daily Thread Tues May 27th!

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Good morning my lovely cat people

Nothing much going on today at all. Off to work then to the gym.

Its going to be mostly sunny but only 14 degrees..I can't wait for summer!

Josh secured us a friend of his who is a photographer fr our thats a little load off. Now there are only 3 million more things to do
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Good job on finding a photographer! That list seems neverending doesn't it?

I have to cover for my area and also the plant in the next town because one of their people has jury duty and the other is on vacation...can anyone say "busy day"
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The suns not out at all today and were supposed to have a few showers, so that'll be good for the gardens Thankfully it's a short week this week
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Good morning. Though it should be good night for me! My sleep schedule is completely backwards and I haven't slept yet!

I'm off to the dentist this morning for a filling and cleaning, then to Safeway to pick up some cat food for Chynna. It's supposed to be nice out today so I'm going to leave home early and walk. It's only about 7 blocks, but it takes me a while because I have to stop and sit on steps along the way. But the walk, fresh air and sunshine will do me good.

Then I want to take Chynna outside for a bit and then do some laundry. So not a very busy day for most, but it is for me.
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Supposed to be warm today. That is, around 90.

We're making up for last summer, when it was unusually cool and wet.

Today is my shelter "love on the kitties" day. Then I have to get ready for work. Because of the holiday, my week is moved back one day.

A little explanation. I'm a "layover" driver for Toys R Us. I take a trailer load of toys to one of the stores that is more than 300 miles away. I usually drop that trailer at the store's dock, pull out the empty one (which often has returns on it), and come back to the Distribution Center in Midlothian, TX, stopping for my legally-required 10 hours off on the way back.

Most of the year, we work 4 days per week. Usually that means I leave out either Tuesday and Thursday, or Wednesday and Friday. By the way, the DC also works only 4 days per week most of the year.

When the Christmas rush comes around, I'll do 3 round trips per week.

Anyway, because of the holiday this week, I'll leave out on Wednesday and Friday. So I have today off.
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Been to work already this morning (finished at 10:30 ) so I am now at home for the rest of the day, although I may have to walk to the town to drop off my time sheets unless I decide a bit later that I will do it tomorrow morning instead (knowing me that's what I will end up doing )

Anyway, you guys have a good day!
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Well its sunny but cool today. Currently 40F (4C) with yes, a wind chill of 32F (0C). And to top it off a frost/freeze warning issued for tonite. So that totally messes with my schedule as today I was going to plant annuals at a commercial office. I have several residential clients that I either have annual containers to drop off or plant soooo rather than just work a little bit at a couple of places I will catch up on some bookwork!! Then drag my own plantings inside tonite and cover up my hosta beds-good thing I have some hugh tarps and that I didn't plant the veg garden yet!!

But I will work in my yard later today once it warms up and cut the asparagus as I have lots of it this time of year!!
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Supposed to be hot here today (around 90)

Glad its going to be a short week this week!
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Morning All!!!

Sunny today but the wind is actually quite cool.

Off to a bit of a late start, not going in to work until after lunch as I have meetings up until 6P.M., this evening....Why, because my boss likes to golf on sunny spring days so won't be into the office until after 3.

After work it will just be home and TV time, I know the Temple Of Doom is on tonight and it's one of my favorites.

Kitties are good, lounging on various pieces of furniture around the house watching the day go by..

Everyone have a great Day
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Ive been bad today, the money i saved for the photographer deposit i spent on a dress... and a new bra and some undies

I also started collecting the stuff for my bridesmaid, Im getting them a little emergency kit!
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I haven't really done much today...I hung out some clothes for my mom and uploaded some new cat pics to photobucket so I could post them here. Which I did. ^_^ I'm gonna help my mom around the house, read a little, maybe play some Sims 2. I'm not sure.

Buddy is outside right now, probably asleep somewhere.

The weather is sort of cool, but not cool enough for shorts. It's been raining off and on...and storming a bit too. Nothing terribly bad.
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I lied about the temp. It got up to about 80, then a blue norther came in and it is actually quite cool and very wet, now.

I always have favorites at the shelter, but I have a new pair. I think it's a brother and sister, tabby and white, and extremely well-mannered, cuddly, and playful.

One of the orange guys wanted to just race around, full speed, from one end of the room to the other.

And our "tall orange boy," who looks like a Savannah cross, is still with us. I think his appearance scares people, but he's a cuddler, too.
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