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Adding another family member

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Hello all,

Well, I've had Marlowe for a year now, and I'm starting to think it's time to get him a little brother...He's so people-oriented that he gets quite lonely when I'm at work, and he gets along tremendously well with my friend's cats when I've had to take him there...but he's a bit of a special cat, and I'd love some advice.

Marlowe is somewhere in the neighborhood of four years old, and he's blind. He was a shelter cat for two years, which may explain why neither moving house nor other cats perturb him much. He's definitely submissive around other cats from what I've seen -- and he also has difficulty keeping up with other kitties. He wants to be their friends, but I think he misses their visual cues and they don't always want to play with him.

There is one cat I've been looking at who is also a special-needs boy. He's about a year old and is missing a back leg. He seems incredibly mellow; he's been at a local vet's for a few weeks (where my friend interned as a vet) and has been unphased by the cats and dogs. He's now at a foster home with several other cats, recovering from a broken leg -- yes, some car managed to hit him and break his only back leg! The poor boy needs a home, and we already have two messed-up animals (Marlowe and our immuno-compromised tortoise, Ndugu), so we don't mind having a tripod cat.

On the one hand, I think these two could mesh well. They both have limitations, and neither will be quite up to normal kitty speed. They both appear to enjoy the company of other cats. On the other hand, Marlowe means the world to me and I really want to be sure I get him a buddy who won't make him feel left out or pushed into a corner. He's just such a gentle pushover...does anyone have any advice about how I might try making the best match possible? I know sometimes you just have to wait and see, but I'd like to go into this with as much knowledge as possible before I make any decisions. Thanks to all for your help!
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Sounds like that it may work out - with both having limitations. But it may take longer then normal for intros, so you have to be prepared for a long period of time of adjustment.

Good luck with your decision.
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Awww....thats sweet that you want someone for Marlowe. I think that he would benefit from having another cat around and since he was in a shelter and did alright with other cats you shouldn't have to worry about his response to another cat.

The cat that is missing his leg might be a nice choice. They may end up being gentle with each other because of their issues.

I have cats with issues too and they get along really well. They are all laid back and take each other in stride, there is alot of playing and cuddles too.

My first cat was awfully lonely until i got the second one. I think some cats reallty benefit from having a member of their own species to relate too.

Just make sure that it looks like the other kitty is mellow enough...you don't want a rambuncous kitten for poor Marlow! But a buddy sounds really nice.

I think you should go for it! It will make all your lives more enjoyable! I don't regret for ONE MINUTE having my three together. They love each other and I love seeing them interact with one another....everyday is so fun.

I know there are lots of people here with blind kitties so I am sure you can get information on how they interact with other cats....you may want to edit your title to say something along that lines of getting a playmate for a blind cat?
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I say go for it!!!! We have a blind cat as well! Leya! They make great cats!

I must say, with him being blind it could take him a little longer to adjust to a new kitty in the house. Or he could be like my Enzo was when I got Leya, EXSTATIC! He was soooo happy to have a new friend! He was our only pet for six months before we got Leya. She could see then.

I'm so glad you are thinking of adopting that kitty! How wonderful!
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There will probably be blind swings (pun intended) on Marlowe's part. My RB Damita was blind, & even when she adjusted to Twitch & Lily, she still took blind swings at them randomly.
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How nice of you to adopt a friend, I say go for it! I did however want to add that cats are pretty grumpy creatures in some instances. For example, my boys. We thought my Caponey was lonely (due to an unnatural weird attraction to a stuffed Husky) so we adopted Bugsy to play around with. The first few days Capone was less then enthused following around poor Bugs growling and hissing. One day it got really quiet and my boyfriend and I thought we would investigate (as with some households with animals, when its too quiet that usually means someone is doing something bad). We walked into the guest room and the boys were cuddling and purring on top of each other. They have been attached since, sharing everything, no dominance and not one fight. So even if they don’t get along at first give them time.
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Go for it. I think the little tripod would be appreciative of a home and a buddy. For Marlowe he gets to have someone to play with and to be with who he can keep up with.
He sounds like a darling boy.
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