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Bones, Bones, BONES!!!

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Today... I spent $15 on Kumar! lol it doesnt sound like much.. but coming from my house, thats a lot of money spent on one dog!
I feel so sorry for Kumar cuz with him being blind and deaf.. he cant do much so I bought him a 12oz bag of Beefy Chew Treats (Canine Carry Outs), 2 Busy Bones, a 2 8in Chicken Basted Beef Hide, and a Slicker Brush to groom him.

I figured the Puppies get to be outside all the time and they've got chew toys and Bonnie's got run of the house, car rides, and a dog bed (thats what im getting next for Kumar)... why cant Kumar have something?
I also purposely got him Large Hard to chew Bones cause I wanted something that would last... that he'll always have so he wont get bored. Well.. anyway here are pics:
Now the first set of Bone pics, he was chewing on some chewy bone that didnt last more than 10min... and I wasnt suppose to give it to him, there were 2 of these bones: 1 for each of the puppies.. but I figured one bone is big enough so it can be cut in half for each puppy and one bone can go to Kumar.. I was kinda mad cause Bonnie and the puppies get everything but Kumar gets nothing... well here are the pics:

Prayer before eating his bone!

Yum! Yum!

"Hey who's there?!"

"I saw a flash of light so I know someones there!!" I think he looks like hes smiling in this pic!!.. hes happy

"all well... Mmmmm!"

"Must... chew... all... of it!"


More Pics....
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Now this is a Bone I bought him today...

Prayer before chewing!

lol... he couldnt figure out how to chew it...

Holding and chewing the tip...

lol i have no clue what hes doing in this pic...

The bone slid just a lil to far...

Now he moved to his semi-bed (its a box of my sewing linens)...


Just relaxin...

More Pics....
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So.. the last of the pics... I came home from Work the other day to this...

Ive had that box sitting there for him since the day I brought him home... he never once even tried to lay in it. But for some reason he wanted to that day! lol I walked in and didnt se him.. I almost panicked thinking I lost him... till he twitched lol I thought it was the cutest thing ever!!!
Now he sleeps in it all the time!! I put it right under the Window so he could lay there and stare out the window.

Ok thats all the pics! lol... hope you enjoyed!
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He is such a sweetie!
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Oh, he is soooo sweet! Those picture of him snoozing away in the box are just the cutest thing! And yay for bones! Dodger and Cato love it when they get new bones to gnaw on - though they don't get them as much anymore because Cato thinks that he must have both bones! He'll put one down and run to get the other one if Dodger gets anywhere near it. Poor Dodger can never get a good chew in!
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Oh Kumar! I bet he is so happy to be with such a loving person! I'm so happy for him!
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Kumar is so precious!! He looks so happy chewing on his bone!! I must say I love the photo of Kumar napping in the box - that photo makes me smile so much!!
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He's a beautiful boy!
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Thanx for you comments!
He is a good boy... really sweet.
Im still a lil stressed about him though, still no call from the Vet.
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