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easy way to pill a cat? Help me

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I have 2 cats on medication, one on prozac, one on amitriptyline. Oscar, the one on prozac will take it in a Pill Pocket, I have no problem with him. Captain, on the other hand, will not take it. I have tried cheese, pill pockets, hiding it in wet food, lunch meat, Vienna sausages, spam, and even those little toddler meat sticks in a jar. Nada. I would prefer to not have to use a pill popper, and also prefer to not jam my finger and the pill down his throat. He also will not touch soft treats, which is why the pill pockets won't work. I will pill him if I have to, but do any of you have a secret food or trick to making them take a pill nicely?
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You can find a local compounding pharmacy that can make it into flavored liquid. Its the only way I can give meds to mine. You just slip it right in the side and squirt.
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Giving a cat a pill is not at all easy! I have to give Chynna, my oldest cat 1/4 of a blood pressure pill every day. The only way I can get it into her is to dissolve it in tuna juice. But that is a very little pill. It won't work for a larger one.

Try this video

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I would second the suggestion of the pharmacy formulating the pills into liquid and also have them add tuna or chicken flavor to the medicine. It's helped us in the past. Sadie was on tapazole for awhile and it was terrible trying to pill her. She also wouldn't eat the treats. The liquid is much easier and if it's flavored, all the better.

After all these years, we finally mustered up the courage to give meds by scruffing the cats. We were always afraid to do it, but it works like magic. My husband used to cradle the cats in his arms and they would fight and go on terribly. Now, the scruffing makes life so much easier.

Good luck and good vibes coming your way.
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hey, i feel for you - the only 'treat' Pixel likes is people chicken! i usually butter the pill & basically stick it down her throat. i have a pill popper, but using my fingers seems to work better for me - i have more control. buttering it makes it slipperier so it goes down more easily.
good luck!
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I get liquids only now but before I used the pill popper thing. None of my cats will go near a pill pocket.
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Yes, I second the liquid form. I have used the tuna juice method with my one cat and it works like a charm.
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Amitriptyline is very bitter. I had to order empty gel caps to give it to Raven He wouldn't take it compounded into liquid either, and that is NOT cheap.

You can get empty gel caps from health food stores (the smallest size they come in). You put the pill inside. Get the gel cap wet with a little water or butter, and down the hatch it goes. Easy as pie. And no bitter taste for the cat. Once we did that, medicating Raven with amitriptyline was a piece of cake.
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