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sick kitty-possible wheatgrass reaction?

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I think my cat had a bad reaction to wheatgrass but i'm not sure, so i was just wondering if anyone else's cats had any experiences like this.

Two weeks ago i bought wheatgrass seeds from petco and grew them, and molly was the only one who touched it, she loved it. However, she did throw up one day last week but that was the only time.

Saturday morning (2 days ago) at 3am i woke up to a horrible odor, which i discovered was feces. One of my cats (molly, 3 yr old female) pooed on the floor next to the bed. It wasn't diarrheal but it was soft and had a good amount of blood in it. I brought her to the vet the next day (err same day), first one there. I brought the sample with me, but he didn't take it :/. She had a 104 fever. He gave me Hills prescription diet w/d to feed her, 10 antibiotics (give 1x a day until theyre done), and 7 anti diarrheal pills (to 1/4 and give 2x a day. )

I gave the anti-diarrhea pills yesterday and stopped because i don't think she needs them. She had one BM last night and there was no blood and it was only a little soft. However she won't eat the food he gave her, and it's been 2 days where she hasn't eaten anything (i dont think).

Sorry for long story but does anyone think the wheatgrass couldve caused an infection of some kind? I think it was wheatgrass and barley. I grew my own so nothing was sprayed on them or anything and i kept them in the bag they came in (you could grow from the bag itself). I hope she's okay after this round of antibiotics. I am also concerned about her food intake; i don't know if i should give her the food she likes or keep giving her the prescription diet until she's hungry enough to eat it :/
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I am not a fan of those prescription diets. Feed the cat what she likes. Not eating is worse. One of my cat threw up on wheatgrass so we don't have it in the house. It is tough to say if it was the grass. She could have swallowed something else.
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I don't think one has anything to do with the other.

Wheatgrass is used by cats as a purgative. It helps them to throw up stuck hairballs. If they eat just a little, it'll go through them but if they pig out on it they WILL throw it up. That does not mean that wheatgrass is bad for them, only that they ate too much at once.

It is my very strong feeling that your cat just happened to coincientally pick up some sort of bug at the same time, I do not see how the two can be connected.
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Coco is Allergic to it. It sets her Asthma off and she will barf from just one piece. Sounds like your Cat is sick from something else.
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